Choosing the right rug for your space

Choosing the right rug for your space
A rug is the perfect way to complete your look, but they can be a very tricky thing to buy if one is unsure of what they are looking for.

Design factors such as placement, colour and size are the main troublesome issues; however there are many more areas that could aide confusion.

Choosing colour and design

Adding a rug to your space instantly softens the room and can bring together your furniture pieces like nothing else can. But where to start?! Firstly, the colour can either offset your other pieces – bringing in some bright blue to combine with your existing blue palette, or a neutral rug to let the rest shine. If your space already has lots of colour and pattern, let your rug just be there for texture and not the colour aspect.

Rug size matters

The size is probably the most important thing (after design) as it defines the area. If you are buying for the living room, look for one that you can place your sitting furniture under easily (sofa, armchair) and have it under everything slightly and a little bit wider if possible. This moves everything from being ‘separate’ items to ‘your fabulous living room’. If going for a luxe look, have it so ALL the furniture is completely on the rug – gorgeous! If for a bedroom, make sure it is much wider than the bed itself (perfect for wiping your feet upon!).Want To Add Extra Impact?

Want to add extra impact?

Whoever said you can’t have more than one rug in an area is craaazy! Layering rugs is fun, as it adds warmth and visual interest. Lay down a large area rug first, generally more of a natural fibre, and layer a smaller character rug on top such as a sheepskin.

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