Setting up the ideal home office

Setting up the ideal home office
Working from home is only worthwhile if you have a well-designed work space there. If you are setting up a home office at your place keep the following tips in mind.

You need lots of light
Unless you want your eyesight to deteriorate quickly make sure that it is easy to see what you are doing. Whether you add a few lamps or have a skylight installed, the more light the better, and consider repainting the walls as well because the right colour will make the entire space look a lot brighter.

A good chair
Sitting for long periods of time can have negative impacts on your health, especially if you are sitting in a chair that doesn’t offer adequate support. Investing in a decent chair for your home office will make a huge difference to the way your body feels at the end of each day and may even prevent future back or neck problems. Regardless of how great your chair may be, be sure to stand up, stretch and walk around every hour or so as well.

Accessible storage
You will need at least a few supplies in your home office in order to do your work effectively, and having somewhere accessible to store all those essential items will prevent the space from descending into chaos. Before you decide on your storage look online at what others are doing with theirs, as there is certainly no shortage of brilliant storage solutions that may work well at your place too.

Plenty of plants
Every good home office needs at least a few plants, as not only will they add a touch of natural colour to the room, they will also do wonders for the quality of the air. Having cleaner air to breathe while you work will make it easier to focus and concentrate, which is sure to improve the quality and quantity of work you get done in there.

A spacious desk
The perfect desk for your home office will depend a lot on the kind of work you do, but make sure that whatever desk you choose has more than enough room for everything you will need. For your home office to look its best try and match your desk with the colour and style of the rest of the room, and you can save a considerable amount of money by buying your desk second hand.

If you hope to get much done in your home office you will need to minimise the amount of distractions; start by setting up your office in the quietest part of your home. Using heavy curtains or double glazed windows will help to minimise outside noise and wool carpet or rugs can help to absorb sound extremely well too.

Claim it on taxes

If you have to invest some money to establish your home office, track your expenses carefully and keep the receipts. You may be able to claim some of those costs as work related expenses; check the ATO website for details.

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