Garage door safety: tips on keeping you and your family safe

Garage door safety: tips on keeping you and your family safe
When you think about it, the garage door is probably the heaviest moving object on your property, as well as the largest. So it makes sense to treat this item with special caution, particularly if you have young children in the family. It is worth coming up with a set of safety rules that both adults and children are aware of, and make sure that you remind everyone from time to time about them. After all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Child safety

If your garage opens with a remote control unit, then be sure to keep it on a high shelf out of reach of little ones. Remind the children that the remote control unit is not a game or toy, and that there are dangers involved if the opening mechanism is misused. If you have got a push button system, then make sure that this is fitted at least five feet above the ground so children won’t be tempted to keep on pressing it.

Educate your children about keeping a safe distance from the garage door at all times. This means not allowing them to play around or under the door at any time, and all adults should get into the habit of making sure the garage door is clear of anyone or anything before they open (or shut) it. This not only protects your kids, it also protects the family pets.

Safe usage

Even the most safety aware individuals can get a little lax from time to time, so make it a rule that only adults are allowed to operate the garage door opening system, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Tempting though it is to have a conversation with the neighbour or your partner, always keep your eyes on the door until it fully opens or closes.

Be sure to stand back from the door while it is opening or closing, and never enter/exit or stand under the door when it is moving. Besides being for your own safety, this also models the right garage door safety habits for the kids, and will ensure that you keep hands and fingers away from moving parts so they cannot become trapped and injured.

Maintenance and repairs

If your garage door gets stuck, never be tempted to try to free door hinges or repair door springs or cabling. Your door is operated by electricity, which could shock and/or cause serious injury, so always get in a trained technician to sort out any problems.

If you accidentally back into your garage door, get an expert to check it out and make sure that everything is all right. For that matter, ensure that you have the door and operating mechanism routinely inspected so that potential problems can be highlighted and fixed before they cause an accident.

As far as your garage door is concerned, safety should always come first. Whether for garage door maintenance and repairs or even if you’re looking to get a new garage door, contact your local garage door experts via our home improvement directory and let them help to keep you and your family safe.

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