How to ensure your hot water stays hot

How to ensure your hot water stays hot
There’s nothing more annoying than running out of hot water when you are half way through washing your hair under a chilly shower in the middle of winter. If that has happened to you perhaps it’s time to replace your hot water system.

There are a number of choices in solar, gas and electric water heating systems. So why not start by speaking to a licensed hot water specialist about the different options available to suit your needs. Get the best advice on the size and type of unit that will be perfect for the size of your home and the number of occupants and bathrooms to share the load.

Solar hot water systems have solar collection panels on the roof. For long periods of time where there is little or no sunshine your Solar system can be backed up with either a gas or electric boost ensuring you won’t go without hot water. The storage tank can be installed on the roof or at ground level depending whether you opt for the Gas or Electric boost. In the case of the electric boost it can be operated by an automatic timer or an on/off switch. A gas boost unit installed on your roof can operate without a motor or pump and is a great space saving option. There is also a solar split system which has the solar panels on the roof and the storage unit at ground level.

Continuous flow gas hot water systems are another great space saving idea and ideal for large families. You will never run out of hot water because the system operates on demand. You can also have temperate controllers in the bathroom and kitchen which will enable you to set the temperature and that means the kids won’t burn themselves.

Gas hot water systems with a storage tank will have your water heated and ready for use, providing an efficient system that will operate on both natural gas or propane while reducing your carbon footprint as well as your gas bills.

Electric hot water systems come in a wide range of sizes and brands with features such as adjustable thermostat to control the temperature, twin elements and the choice to switch to off-peak or night rates.

There is a make, model and size of hot water systems to suit all households and climates. Anti-frost protection for the colder climates, energy efficient heat pumps and split system heat pumps, hard water compatible systems, vitreous enamel coated tanks, erosion resistant stainless steel tanks, indoor or outdoor systems, as well as environmentally friendly and economical options.

Your hot water specialist will offer fast and efficient service on existing systems or a replacement unit and who knows, you may even be eligible for a rebate on a new system. Now that’s worth looking into.

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