How to have a clever clothes line

How to have a clever clothes line
The Hills Hoist was arguably the most recognized iconic symbol of a typical Australian back yard. There was and still is, nothing like a rotary clothes hoist loaded with washing and spinning in the breeze providing an environmentally safe and cost effective way to dry the washing.

Over many years a typical suburban block has decreased in size and the importance of an outdoor entertaining space has increased in popularity. So the washing line which was once the central point of most back yards became a problem as well as an eyesore. Lifestyles have changed and while we still want the convenience of drying our clothes outdoors we don’t want our washing lines in full view and taking up valuable space.

While a modern version of the iconic Hills hoist still exists, there are so many more styles and sizes of clothes lines available to suit any area. The folding rotary hoist is a fantastic option if you have the space for it. It provides all the benefits of a traditional rotary clothes line. When you want to entertain or the kids want to play backyard cricket you simply remove it from the socket in the ground and put it out of the way. These models also come in varying sizes to suit your needs.

Another great idea is the fold out line which can be mounted onto a wall or into the ground. They can be tucked around the side of the house and folded down when not in use to still allow access from the front to the back of your property. Retractable lines have come a long way as well in design and options. Like fold out lines they also work well in rear or side spaces. There are now retractable models available that have a very neat wall mounted unit which house both line and winding mechanisms out of sight when not in use.

Ceiling clotheslines are perfect for small spaces. They can be mounted either in your laundry or outside under the awning of your verandah or under a covered pergola. They operate with a pulley system which allows you to pull it down to load and unload the washing put raise it to dry the wash. It is easy to operate and convenient to have it up out of the way while drying the clothes. Portable clothes lines that can be placed anywhere and moved according to the weather are a must for just about any living situation, whether it is a house, townhouse or apartment. Portables also come in a range of options from a fold out to a model that can hook over a balcony railing.

Many clotheslines have adjustable heights and lengths. There are also options of how many actual lines you require on the unit you choose.

You will find a line that will suit any space and maybe even a cover to protect the washing from the weather or wildlife. Many suppliers will install the line of your choice for you. The experts will be able to help you choose the best type of line for your space. If it is a fixed or folding rotary they can install it correctly into the ground to ensure it remains sturdy and upright during use.

The same applies to wall mounted lines that fold or retract. Correct placement is important to ensure the line is secure and safe. If your supplier does not install it is advisable to hire a handyman to do the job for you. Kids love to swing on clothes lines and the last thing you would want is for it to come tumbling down on top of them.

To find a handyman or specialist clothesline installation company in your local area, visit our home improvement directory.
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