Turf Wars

Turf Wars
Artificial Turf has come a long way in recent times and is fast becoming a popular care free way to green up your property. While it’s not quite the real thing, the artificial products are now much more sophisticated and actually do look and feel close to the real thing.

For a decent quality Australian made or imported Artificial Turf you can expect to pay approximately $30 - $50 per square metre. However prices will vary according to the quality of the product, your location, delivery and installation costs. Viva Grass  from Western Australia recommend Royal Grass a high quality product developed produced in the Netherlands.

Hardware chains sell a range of imported Artificial Turf in a similar price bracket however the standard of some of these imports is not of the high quality of the Australian and European turfs.

For small DIY jobs there is a convenient box set of 6, 40cmx40cm interconnecting Grass Tiles for about $90 per box from the hardware or you may source it cheaper from a wholesaler. Extras may include preparation of the area to be turfed, underlay, adhesive joining tape and turf pegs.

Real turf is cheaper per square metre than Artificial Turf but when you add up the cost of laying and constant mowing, watering, weeding spraying and general care of a real lawn the Artificial product may well be more cost effective.

Things you need to know

There are a variety of colours, piles and types of Artificial Turf to choose from. For example the turf you would lay on a tennis court, cricket pitch or putting green all vary as does the turf for a large space where you want to create the look of a natural lawn. Artificial Turf cannot be laid over existing turf. The existing turf needs to be removed and the ground prepared accordingly.

Depending on the manufacturer you should expect a 5 year warranty but in reality your Artificial lawn should last more than 10 years.



  1. Artificial lawn has a very low level of maintenance

  2. Perfect in drought prone areas

  3. It drains well in wet conditions

  4. No more bare patches in those shady areas of the garden

  5. Say goodbye to mowing and spraying for lawn grub

  6. Reduces allergies

  7. No more grass clippings in the pool

  8. Long lasting, UV  & water resistant

  9. Pet friendly

  10. No bindies

  11. Worry free when you are away


Artificial Turf is an ideal solution for your rental property when you can’t rely on the tenants to maintain the garden. It’s ideal to lay around your tent and caravan while camping. Perfect flooring for a Roof top garden or entertaining deck. You could lay it under the kids basketball hoop orcreate your own putting green. It may also be the solution for when the folks are getting older and looking after the lawn is becoming more and more difficult.  Artificial Turf can certainly free up your time to enjoy doing the things you actually want to do.

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