Arborist – Expert Tree surgeons

Arborist – Expert Tree surgeons
Trees are a treasure in our gardens. Who doesn’t love beautiful big trees that provide us with shade and shelter from harsh weather, privacy from prying neighbours and the softening aesthetic they create not to mention the birds and wildlife they attract.

The bigger and older some trees are, the more beautiful they become however all trees need to be cared for and have checkups once in a while to ensure they are healthy.

Arborists or tree surgeons are the experts who can assess the health and safety of your trees. They will know whether the tree is in need of a little TLC and maintenance, or if it is actually dying and needs to be removed altogether. All trees need trimming, pruning and branch removal at some point in their lives.

Large tree branches can suddenly fall from trees with disastrous consequences. It is wise to have your trees checked to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and passersby. A tree or large branch suddenly crashing down could also cause considerable damage to your home, fences, retaining walls, cars or any outdoor furniture and children’s play equipment. An Arborist will be able to pin point where it is necessary to lop branches to ensure they are not encroaching on power lines, boundary fences, foot paths or anywhere personal safety and damage to property is a risk.

Tree lopping and tree removal can be an extremely dangerous job. There have been many severe injuries caused where unqualified people have fallen from ladders or had nasty mishaps with chainsaws when trying to prune high hedges or lop difficult to get at branches.  It is important to hire the services of a qualified, insured, professional to do the work for you. Some jobs may require the use of a crane as the safest and most effective way to complete the job. Make sure you get a few quotes and be sure to ask if the price quoted includes the removal of debris as well as mulching and stump grinding where necessary.

You may need approval from your local council before the removal of trees or in some cases even before pruning can take place. It is the job of councils to protect trees, even those on your land. They can be very particular about what work is allowed be carried out, so make sure you enquire what the regulations are in your area. It is possible a representative from the council may visit your property to assess the situation or it may just be a case of an online application to obtain the necessary approval.

The cost and amount of work involved for tree and branch removal may seem a little over whelming at first but rest assured it is well worth it to ensure you are never faced with the huge costs of personal injury, property damage or hefty council fines.

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