Is Your Pest Problem Lowering the Value of Your Home?

Is Your Pest Problem Lowering the Value of Your Home?
Having pests (whether it is an infestation or even a few stray visitors) can not only cause discomfort but also affect the value of your investment – your home. When pests decide to take over your residence, they bring with them several inconveniencing factors and expose you to the damage of diseases.

But did you know, they also threaten the safety your home offers you? That’s right, it is a place you’ve invested your money in to build and/or settle into. As they keep making it more and more comfortable for themselves they’re simultaneously making it that much more unsafe for you.

Let’s talk about the damage you’re looking at when you leave a pest control and removal problem unchecked.

The Damage You Incur When You Don’t Carry Out Regular Pest Control and Removal

Procrastinating an Infestation Removal Can Damage the Foundation

When pests take over your residence it is difficult to control the extent to which they can cause harm. Rodents, termites, possums, mice, wasps, etc. can pose a real threat to the structure’s foundations and may even result in a collapse.

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to risk your loved ones and your life by living in a place that is life-threatening.

Pests Affect the Insulation and Wiring

Pest control and removal are important because it involves an inspection to understand where the pests are living and what destruction they’re causing. Rodents in particular tend to feed on wires, making it extremely dangerous for all those living in the house.

Additionally, this problem is one that could cause you to lose your home/investment entirely. When professionals carry out an inspection he will be able to inform you whether your infestation is at the point where you’re susceptible to grave danger. Isn’t this a better way to find out that your insulation and wiring have been attacked than through a house fire or accident?

Pests Can Destroy the Neat/Beautiful Appearance of Your Residence:

We all agree well-kept or aesthetically built houses are like treasures that need to be preserved. We’re also aware of the amount of time, money and work involved in making those structures look picture-perfect.

Now consider, all that money and effort going down the drain because of pests, not to mention your residence’s marred look. Controlling the population or signs of an infestation by yourself is difficult. But, ignoring it and allowing it to decrease the worth of your home is even harder.

If you do decide to push the control and removal treatment do consider the way it will affect your residence’s aesthetic and neat appearance.


Insurance Does Not Cover Destruction Caused by an Infestation

The main purpose of insurance is to protect your savings from taking a hit in case something unfortunate happens, right? Not so in the case of a pest infestation.

In fact, insurances actually categorise monetary damage caused by such a problem under ‘exclusions’. This obviously means you need to pay that much more attention to setting up and renewing treatment for control and removal.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard with a huge expense for fixing the harm caused by pests, would you?

Are Pest Control and Removal Treatment Really Necessary? How will Pests Get in Anyway?

Well, there are several ways through which these uninvited visitors can get into your home- any greenery touching your home, attached storage sheds, cracks, crevices, vents, the soil surrounding your home, deck (if you have one), or even your chimney.

In a nutshell, you need to make sure that your residence is completely secure. Even the smallest compromise can lead to grave problems. Each of the above mentioned can bring in one or more types of pests – wasps, termites, ants, bees, possums, cockroaches, mice, rodents, etc.

How Can I Protect My Home and Its Resale Value?

The best way to tackle this problem is by ensuring your inspection and treatments are timely. However, this route is only fool-proof if executed at the hands of a professional. For example, the inspection you carry out might only cover the basics, but a certified control and removal professional’s eye for inspection will ensure a more thorough job.

Along with providing you with a detailed report of the problem, he may even be able to tell you about existing maintenance requirements that if delayed may cause problems.

Secondly, renew your treatments on time and purchase an extended warranty if need be to ensure you’re protected in the fight against this problem.

Lastly, don’t hide or deny the issue. The sooner you acknowledge the breach the closer you are to increasing the value of your home.

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