Why not add a Spa Bath to your Bathroom

Why not add a Spa Bath to your Bathroom
Although Spa Baths have been installed in Australian homes for many years, they went out of favour and the numbers dropped in popularity. People were removing them from their homes when renovating or no longer including them in a new build. But Spa Baths are on trend again.

Spa Baths have evolved over hundreds of years originating with naturally occurring thermal springs. It was discovered that thermal springs had healing properties as well as relaxing aching bodies and anxious minds. Over hundreds of years different civilisations had their own versions and uses of thermal springs or baths but it is evident that the two main purposes were for hydrotherapy and as a social gathering. So while the design, technology and appearance of spa baths has radically changed the use has not.

The idea of taking a warm relaxing spa bath in the privacy of your own bathroom is a very appealing one. Spa baths are a fantastic way to relax both the body and mind. A great way to destress. There are many ready built units available on the market as well as companies that will custom build a bath to suit your needs, particularly for remedial and hydrotherapy purposes. The jets can be installed in the right spots to target the areas of the body needing relief. One such company that offers this service is The Round Bath Company. They have numerous shapes sizes and colours available all manufactured with Class 12 Hard PVC pipe connecting the jets. This means that unlike flexible pipes these don’t retain spent water that potentially could cause a health hazard.

Spa baths are much more elegant than those we remember from the 80’s and none more so than a very stylish free standing spa bath which will add real wow factor to your room as well as being therapeutic. Bathrooms are a very important room in our house. By installing a spa bath, whether it be a small size for one person or a larger size for two or more that you can stretch out in or make bath time fun for the kids, it will add another dimension to our life style.

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