Is your pool water-smart?

Is your pool water-smart?
If you want a water-smart pool - follow these helpful hints:

Install a rainwater tank

Harvesting rainwater is the perfect environmentally-friendly answer to topping up your pool. Don’t feel guilty about keeping your pool adequately filled all year ‘round. A smart system can automatically add water to the pool from the tank, and switch to your regular water supply if the tank is too low. A smart system will also never forget to fill up the pool or put it off until tomorrow!

Chances are you’ll have water left over once your pool is full, which you can also use on gardens and in the laundry and toilet. Washing clothes in rainwater will save you bundles of money, and make a rainwater tank a truly worthwhile investment. If a tank isn’t an option for you, consider a down pipe which feeds rainwater collected from the roof into the pool.

Cover your pool

This is probably the most obvious solution to save water, but many pool owners don’t bother with it. Not only does a pool cover prevent massive amounts of evaporation, it keeps your pool clean and free from falling leaves and bugs. You’ll find yourself adding less chemicals to the water and cleaning less often.

If you need even more convincing, a pool cover will keep the water warmer throughout the cold months so you can enjoy a dip in your pool even more often.

If your pool has water features like fountains and waterfalls you can also prevent evaporation by switching these off while not in use.

Don’t add too much water

You might think that by adding extra water when you top up your pool you will buy yourself more time between top ups. But when it’s filled up too high, excessive amounts of water splash out over the sides and evaporate off the tiles.

You can get away with having your pool filled slightly lower in the hottest months so that you’re not constantly losing water from all the activity going on in the pool. You can also avoid adding extra water by keeping your pool adequately maintained.

When a pool begins to have issues due to chemical imbalance, you may be required to add more water as part of the solution.

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