Is your roof storm proof?

Is your roof storm proof?
If your roof isn't protected from storms - you're in the right place! Here’s a list of things to to help you storm proof your roof.

- Does your guttering have over flow holes apart from the normal drainage points? Just incase your downpipe is blocked, its a wise idea to have another point in your gutter with an overflow to help water to escape in heavy downpours.

- Are your gutters regularly serviced and cleaned? Not only is this good to help with bushfire relief but its also another common problem with leaks. If a gutter is full of broken down mulch it can only carry half as much water.

- If you have a box gutter it can be very problematic if not setup the correctly. Firstly the depth of your box gutter should be of a minimum to help guarantee maximum flow, and again overflows are very important. Nine times out of ten box gutter leaks means water inside your property, which can be a very costly to fix.

- Installing Leaf guard in box gutters can be a good idea especially to catch hale and other debris which can block gutter causing floods.


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