Revive your roof

Revive your roof
Most Australians are house-proud. Regardless of the size and style of our homes we like to keep them well maintained, clean, neat and tidy.

But sometimes our roofs get overlooked. Particularly if the house is two or more stories, or has a flat roof.

It could be a case of out of sight out of mind. It only takes rain and wind to create leaks into our ceiling to make us realise that it’s time for some much needed roof maintenance.

A roof maintenance company will be able to repair, clean, restore, paint, replace or whatever it takes to make it like new again.

A professional roof restorer will offer a myriad of services including:

- Replacing cracked tiles and flashing where needed

- Locating and repairing leaks, mould and blockages

- Gutter cleaning

- Replacing guttering and down pipes

- Installing leaf guard

- High pressure roof cleaning

- Paint including application of sealer, primer and heat reflective coatings

- Installation of roof ventilation

- Replacing old roof for new

Your roof is a very important part of your home. It’s like the lid that protects it and therefore should be well looked after. Before the storm season takes hold have it checked out and have any necessary repairs and upgrades done before a big storm hits and you are just a number in a queue waiting for your insurance claim to be processed and a repairer to become available to do the job. Or if nothing than for cosmetic reasons have your roof cleaned or replaced and give your home a brand new look and add value to your most valuable asset.

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