Get Protected - Making your home more secure

Get Protected - Making your home more secure
Earlier this year Perth Newspapers reported crime statistics in Western Australia for 2014 and 2015. These statistics were alarming with a staggering 9% increase in home burglaries.

You can view these statistics on a suburb by suburb basis on the Western Australian Police’s crime statistics portal. Simply type in your suburb to get a detailed analysis.

We all like to feel safe, especially within our own homes. When we are not at home we want peace of mind knowing that our home and contents are well protected. There are few things worse than coming home to find your property has been broken into, ransacked and precious irreplaceable items stolen. Make sure you don’t become part of those statistics.

Evaluate your home security today, using these tips to better secure your home and contents.

  • Make sure windows and doors are able to be locked securely.
  • Install a home alarm system
  • Fit deadlocks to external doors
  • Fit key locks to windows
  • Install security screens or grills and security doors
  • Make sure home entrances are well lit and include a sensor light
  • Never leave tools or ladders around outside
  • Consider getting a dog
  • Always lock your garage and garden shed
  • Keeps shrubs and tree near house trimmed
  • Fence your property and ensure all gates are lockable

If you are going away on holidays

  • Let your neighbours know your departure and return dates
  • Cancel newspapers
  • Leave a light on or put lighting on a timer
  • Have mail held, redirected or collected by neighbours or friends
  • If you are away more than a couple of weeks have someone mow the lawn
  • Be sure bins are not left out

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The Homeimprovement2day website has a vast directory of home improvement businesses  servicing the Perth region to help you with any of the home security suggestions above (except a dog!). Homeimprovement2day has listings for Perth Security companies that will install a security alarm syststem or a CCTV security system, Locksmiths to fit deadlocks and window locks, businesses specialising in the installation of security doors and screens, electricians to install security lighting and sensor lights. There even listings for garden and lawn specialists to keep the yard tidy while you are away enjoying yourself on holidays. Securing your home properly is well worth the peace of mind it provides.

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