4 unobtrusive measures to amp up your home security

4 unobtrusive measures to amp up your home security
We all want a safe, secure place to rest our head at night, but while security often leaves style taking a back seat, it can be incredibly difficult to find a reasonable midground. With that said, there are definitely options for homeowners that would prefer to rest a little easier without having to compromise on luxury or elegance. For those that are serious about their safety, we have compiled a list of fantastic finds that are the perfect fit for home security.

Staying open to security

Security doors are simple and stylish, offering a deceptively difficult obstacle for anyone hoping to enter your home without your knowledge. With distributors that offer various colour options in their glass and mesh varieties (a great way to keep the air feeling fresh without the mosquitos that come with letting nature into your house), you don’t have to worry about the state of your matching decor when getting security doors in Sydney.

A cause for alarm

One of the more widely used systems in our arsenal, an unobtrusive alarm system is the perfect way to ensure that you are made aware of intruders, as well as the rest of your neighbourhood. There are several different variations on the standard security alarm, with some that let out ear piercing sounds that echo through the streets, and others that discreetly let the authorities know that you may need some assistance. Whatever your security needs, an alarm is a fantastic first step into the world of home safety.

Sensing motion

Aside from being a pleasant addition to any outdoor setup, exterior motion-sensing lights are a perfect way to ensure that you know if someone’s coming for an unsolicited visit in the night. The benefit of this setup is that you have full control of where and how you would prefer it to be put in place. As long as you can see it when you need to, the choices for lighting up your lush garden are figuratively endless! Just make sure that it isn’t going to brighten your bedroom every time your dog goes for a wander, as it will likely lead to some restless nights, and will lower the chance that you will be perturbed by an actual intruder.

Durable doors

What’s the point of having a state of the art security system if your back door unlocks with a tug? Ensuring that the basics are taken care of prior to bolstering your home’s safety measures is a necessity, as a setup is only as good as its foundations. Buying a deadlock for your door is a cheap, relatively simple way to make sure that you won’t be getting any unwelcome nighttime guests.

Also known as deadbolts, these structurally secure locks are unpickable, and are relatively impossible to open without the correct implements. Just make sure that you keep that key handy, as their impenetrable nature can make getting outside when you want to a tad difficult otherwise.

Whatever you decide is best for you and your family, having a security system setup of any kind is better than none at all. Luckily, if you didn’t find something that took your fancy on our list, there is a wide variety of safety options available for those that are hoping to feel a little more secure at night.

Hopefully our list has given you a few helpful hints for how to bolster your home security in a way that doesn’t interfere with your interior or exterior design.

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