Know What to Expect From Your Local Removalist

Know What to Expect From Your Local Removalist
Find an experienced and highly rated local removalist near you with this comprehensive guide. Understand the process and get tips on what to look for when choosing a service provider.

Moving house can be a stressful task, and having the help of a reliable local removalist can make all the difference. With this guide, learn about what to look for in a removalist, as well as how to ensure you get the best service possible.

Research local removalists and read reviews.

The first and most important step when choosing a local removalist is to do your due diligence. Research different service providers, read customer reviews, and make sure they have the necessary credentials, such as an up-to-date license and insurance. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or professionals such as real estate agents or interior designers to help you identify potential services you might use.

Make sure you ask lots of questions and get detailed estimates in writing before committing. Most services will provide a free quote; use this to compare prices and make sure you understand the services available. Different removalists will likely offer different levels of service, such as packing and unpacking services, so be sure to clarify these details before making your selection. When possible, visit the removalist’s facility to check that they operate a safe and secure working environment. This step is especially important if you’re dealing with fragile items. Finally, always be sure to get a written receipt after completing the job.


Get several quotes for comparison.

It's never a bad idea to compare different prices for the same services. Get several quotes from potential service providers around you and make sure that the type of services they offer is within your budget. Thoroughly read all contracts to ensure they fully understand what services are being provided, such as how many movers and trucks will be used, how long the move will take, and other conditions related to their service.


Understand their services and inclusions.

Before you choose a local removalist, make sure that they have the experience and capacity to handle your job. Ask them what services they provide, such as packing and unpacking, storage facilities, furniture assembly or disassembly and transport. Most removal companies will offer a full range of services but do ensure that the inclusions are clearly detailed before signing any agreement.

It is also important to ask about the qualifications and experience of the removalists. Find out how long they have been in business, if they are licensed and insured and if they have any specialties that might fit your needs. Finally, be sure to check their references or read customer reviews and ratings before committing to a local removalist. Doing some research beforehand can save valuable time and money in the end.


Ensure they have the right insurance coverage.

Accidents can happen during the process of a move, so you should always check that your removalist has the right insurance coverage. They should have insurance coverage for property damage, workers’ compensation and public liability. Additionally, they should also offer extra services such as transit insurance and accidental damage cover to provide more protection during the relocation.

Check that their insurance policies are valid and up to date. Ask for a copy of their certificate of currency before your move. This document will provide you with evidence that the removalist has the appropriate cover for the job. It should contain details about the insurance policy’s expiration date, amount of coverage and other important information about their business or corporate structure. If you require additional protection, then opting for extra services such as transit insurance is highly recommended.


Look for professional qualifications within the company staff.

When selecting a removalist, it’s important to check the experience of the staff. Qualifications and certifications demonstrate their expertise and ability to carry out the job correctly and safely. Professional qualifications should include removals membership such as AFRA (Australian Furniture & Removals Association) or BAR (British Association of Removers). Look for memberships and any awards that may have been achieved. This shows whether the staff is familiar with motoring laws, trade regulations and has enough professional knowledge that you would expect from a reliable company.

Don’t forget to check their insurance. Any damage or breakages incurred during the move could still be on you if the removalists don’t have sufficient cover in place. Experienced movers should come with all the necessary tools and equipment for your move, including dollies, strong straps, boxes and blankets. Make sure there’s enough staff to carry out your job quickly and efficiently. Choose a company with a good reputation and look for reviews from previous customers, as this is often one of the best indicators of their quality of service.

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