Blind cleaning - bring your old blinds back to life

Blind cleaning - bring your old blinds back to life
Are your once beautiful blinds starting to look old and worn out, are they not operating a well as they did when new? Might be time to call in a professional blind cleaning and repair company.

From the moment they are installed a blind’s visible surfaces and it’s working components start to collect dirt, mould and mildew, cobwebs, and dust and grime affecting their operation and appearance.

Regular professional blind cleaning and maintenance will prolong their life and will lead to a healthier more hygienic home and to blinds that operate properly and look their best.

All types of blinds are able to be repaired and cleaned, venetian blinds, holland blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, pleated blinds, timber blinds, you name it whatever type of blinds you have they can be cleaned and repaired. Blind cleaning specialists can clean most types of blinds onsite, some may have be taken away for specialist cleaning, then brought back and reinstalled, looking just like new.

Please check the blinds in your house today!

Unsecured blind cords pose a large safety risk to young children your blind cleaning and blind repair specialist will be able to rectify any safety issues with your blinds.

Further safety information on blind and curtain cords be found here on the New South Wales Fair Trading website

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