What statement does your door make?

What statement does your door make?
As they say first impressions are lasting ones.

Make a statement with your front entry door and create an immediate impression for your visitors. However it’s not only your front entry door that can create an impression, internal doors are the entry to each room in the house and are important as well.

However it’s not only your front entry door that can create an impression, internal doors are the entry to each room in the house and are important as well. Doors open and close our access and views of inside and outside so choosing the right one for your home will help finish your home perfectly.

There are a myriad of door styles to choose from. The first thing to do is consider what style of door will best suit the architecture of your home. When it comes to external doors one of the most important things to then consider is the aspect of the door to the weather. If your home is in a bush fire prone area you should install fire rated external doors.

The size and style of the door is then up to you. Should you want glass in your door your choices include, clear, frosted, double glazed, triple glazed, enameled glass, or traditional and contemporary leadlight. If you prefer a solid timber entry door the profile & panels are many and varied to suit any home from period to contemporary. Large pivoting front doors are very much on trend with new builds. There’s definite wow factor with these oversized doors – they really make a statement.

You may love the idea of the external doors that have a Venetian style blind set between two panes of glass. They have a slide control that will move the blind up and down or tilt it to allow as much or as little light in as you wish and they save on cleaning. These are a great option for a rear or laundry door, adding a level of security to your home. Your entertaining area might be just the place for folding, stacking, sliding or French doors which are all space savers. Remember that dark paint colours are not recommended for doors that face direct sunlight. They will absorb more heat which will over time cause warping or splitting.

Internal doors are just as varied. Depending on your budget you may choose from solid core, hollow or honeycomb doors. Obviously the more solid the door the greater the noise reduction. Again the style of door should suit your architecture and décor. Flush panel doors are popular however, depending on which room it is for you may want to have flush panels for bathroom & bedrooms and profiled doors for the living rooms. Sliding doors are a great space saver and a cavity slider is a very elegant and tidy way to conceal the door when open. Bi-fold doors are a great way to divide a room. Perfect to close off a study or annex.

So whether you are choosing doors for the whole house, inside and out, or just replacing one existing door you can get great advice from the experts at a door showroom. If you are storing doors waiting to be hung they must be stored flat and before hanging they should be painted or varnished with an appropriate product and most importantly the top and bottom must be sealed to protect them from moisture damage.

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