Selecting security doors and grills

Selecting security doors and grills
Oh for the days when our personal security was not always at the fore front of our minds. It’s hard to believe that front and back doors of homes had nothing more than a simple key lock for security and most of the time they were never locked any way.

Sadly times have changed as the rate of break-ins and home invasions are on the rise all over Australia. There are few people who have not been a victim of these types of crime or know someone who has.

Coming home to a ransacked house is a very unpleasant and nerve wracking experience, not to mention the cost of repairs and replacement if you don’t have adequate insurance or much valuable time wasted waiting for your insurance company to assess and process your claim.

Security doors and grills are a great way to secure your home and give you the peace of mind you deserve. While they have been installed in homes for many years now, we are more and more aware of the necessity to protect ourselves as well as our property. Therefore the number of homes either installing or upgrading existing security doors and grills has increased significantly as has the standard and quality of the manufacturing and installation of them.

The key factor of security doors is obviously to keep unwanted people from entering your home. The added benefits long with security and peace of mind are that you can have your doors and windows open allowing fresh air, light and outside views into your home while keeping not only intruders but stray animals, mosquitos and flying bugs out.

The old saying “You get what you pay for” is never truer than when it comes to security. So be sure when you are getting quotes for security doors or grills that you are dealing with professionals who use the best available materials, including the locks and hinges. The products and installation methods should adhere to Australian standards and be backed by a warranty.

Security doors and grills should be made of steel or aluminium, a three point locking system and preferably with 316 marine grade mesh. Most manufacturers have a range of doors on offer but if you don’t find one that you really like, find a company that will design and manufacture a bespoke door for you. Security doors can be simple with the aim to remain unobtrusive or they can make a statement by creating a focal point at your front entry. You can have the doors powder coated in your choice of colour to match any feature of your home. Options are many and varied but should also have a quick release locking system in case of emergencies.

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