Glaziers: See Clearly

When we think of a Glaziers work we think windows and doors but there is so much more to this specialised field. Glass is a very versatile product and one that we find in every home in many different styles and applications. It is aesthetically pleasing whether it is giving you a clear view of outside, providing natural light, creating a feeling of space by reflection or creating a decorative feature.

Float glass is what you will find in a typical domestic window. By tinting the float glass you will have the addition of heat and light transmission which is ideal for windows that are facing the direct harsh summer afternoon sun. Other types of glass commonly found in domestic windows and doors are obscure, frosted, textured, lead light and stained glass.

Specialist glass and glazing

Frameless showerscreen by ArvaConnect  Kings Meadows Tasmania

A specialist glass and glazing company can do installations or new builds as well as glass repairs and replacements of any type of glass in and around the home including:


Shower screens and shower doors


Kitchen splash backs



Table tops




Pool fencing

Pet doors

Double Glazing

Glass cut to size



Glass balustrade melbourne

Interior and exterior glass balustrading by Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd Melbourne

A specialized Glazier can design a bespoke piece for your home as well as make and repair lead lights and stained glass regardless of the period of your home. Decorative glass remains a popular design feature in all types of homes from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and contemporary.

Be sure to get some quotes, particularly if it is more than a simple repair and while he is quoting the Glazier will recommend the type of glass required, for example, float, laminated, safety or toughened, double or triple glazed. Recommendations will depend on whether it is a simple window, a front door, a balcony door, a pool fence or a table top. He has the expertise to install the glass into timber, aluminium, steel or stone.

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