Exterior Window Coverings

Exterior Window Coverings
We all like a little ambiance and privacy at home by dressing our windows with curtains, blinds or shutters. Did you ever consider external window coverings?

The European roller style block out shutters have long been a common way to provide protection not only from harsh sun, wind, rain and hail but also they act as a security shield and reduce the level of external noise all while providing complete privacy. Block out roller shutters will also help protect your home and stop windows from shattering during a bushfire. Now there are some strong competitors on the market with attractive modern alternatives to this style of external shutter.

On trend right now are external venetian blinds. They look fantastic with contemporary homes and make a great architectural statement. Well worth considering particularly if you are renovating or building a new home.

Outdoor plantation shutters are also stylish and popular. Made of exterior grade materials that are resistant to warping, fading or shrinking. They look like timber and can be powder coated to suit the exterior colour scheme of your house.

Outdoor blinds are another consideration. They can be operated manually or automatically by remote control. They also can be retracted completely, deflect light and protect from the elements.

Whether it be roller shutters, plantation shutters, blinds or venetians you can control the amount of light you want into any room. They can be adjusted to provide both privacy and natural light at the same time.

You can block out street lights, head lights from cars, the neighbour’s spot lights as well as natural light. By darkening the room during the day you can be sure babies and shift workers will get a better day time sleep. You will also prolong the life of your soft furnishing and carpets by keeping the direct sun away from the house.

There are many types of awning and shade coverings available on the market but exterior window coverings will provide much more protection. Most manufactures will have remote controlled versions so at the push of a button they can be changed to suit the weather.

No rushing around the house upstairs and down to shut the windows when the weather suddenly changes. They not only create a cooler home in summer but will also help retain warmth during the cold winter months. By closing them during the day in the summer months when you are out, you will come home to a much cooler house. Not only these types of external window coverings protect your home, you will be saving energy by not needing to use heating and cooling systems frequently, so you are protecting the environment and keeping your household costs down.

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