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What’s there not to love about carpet. Don’t we love the feeling of carpet under our bare feet. Isn’t it cosy for the kids to play on a carpeted floor. Don’t we love the noise reduction of carpeted floors and the nonslip safety aspect, not to mention the winter warmth.

Carpet is available with so many choices in products, textures, piles and colours that you may find it difficult to make a decision. A few things to consider are the areas or rooms you wish to carpet. For example a living room or main hallway are going to be subjected to more traffic and wear than a bedroom or study. A room with less natural light would suit a lighter colour carpet. A patterned carpet will look better with plain furniture, just as a room with a patterned wallpaper, curtains or furniture fabric will look better with a more simple carpet. A lighter colour will create a feeling of more space for a small room.

Carpets not only come in wool and synthetics these days. There are a variety of carpets with mixed natural fibers such as cotton, silk and linen as well as a range of piles such as cuts, loops and twists. The cut and weave will determine how soft the carpet is and the tighter the pile the more durable the carpet will be. Synthetic carpets such as Nylon or Polyester are perhaps more fade & stain resistant and cheaper than wool but are more prone to attracting dust and dirt.

Visit carpet show rooms and speak to an expert, or use the services of an interior decorator to help guide you to the right decision by giving them as much information as possible about the area to be covered, the use of the room and the amount of traffic it will receive. Ask to take samples home so you can try them in different areas and lights to get an idea if they are suitable. If you can’t find the right one in the first lot of samples, try more.

Ask for a quote including underlay and installation. There is more than one choice of underlay as well and the better the quality of the underlay the better your carpet will feel underfoot. If you are replacing old carpet you could also ask for a quote for removal of the existing carpet or you may choose to remove it yourself.

The investment of carpet is not a cheap one and as it lasts for many years so you want to make the right decision and by using a professional carpet layer you can be assured of job well done. Oh and be sure to look after your carpet by spot cleaning spills and stains straight away and professional cleaning every 1-2 years.

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