Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning
As much as we love the soft feeling on walking barefoot on our carpet or the peaceful noiseless footsteps of shoes walking on carpet, you may be surprised what lies beneath. Most home owners will vacuum their carpet on average once a week. Most home owners will spot clean spills and stains. Although your carpet may look clean and well kept it does collect & house dust & dirt deep down that a domestic vacuum does not suck up.

If you have young children who love lying and playing on the floor, it’s important that they are lying and playing on carpet that is as clean as possible, free of built up dirt, dust, bugs, hair and bacteria. If you have indoor pets it is important to keep the carpet clean of pet hair, accidents & odours. Even if you don’t have children or pets, your carpet can still harbor hidden nasties. You can help maintain the cleanliness and life of your carpet by not only regular vacuuming but also by removing your shoes before you walk on it, spot cleaning your spills straight away and regularly cleaning or replacing the filter of your vacuum.

We further strongly recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Be sure to use an experienced, accredited cleaner. Be sure you ask the right questions before you hire the cleaner, such as the cost and the method. Depending on the company you may be offered a choice of Dry cleaning, Steam Cleaning or Shampooing and many will include deodorising. Some will offer additional services such as Scotch Guarding, water damage treatments, anti-allergin and anti-dustmite treatments. It is also helpful to know in advance how long it will be before you can walk on the carpet. This will help you plan the timing of the cleaning to suit the comings and goings of the household. Obviously the carpet will dry faster on a fine warm day when windows and doors can be left open.

A professional carpet clean will not only give your home a hygenic lift but a fresh clean look and smell all with little inconvenience or impact on your household routine.

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