Maintaining your Stone floors

Maintaining your Stone floors
Natural stone floors are an investment that can last a life time if cared for properly. Stone floors add a wow factor to any home and should be maintained regularly. Just as we care for our carpets by having them professionally cleaned on average every 18 months, we should care for our stone floors in the same way.

While natural stone can last a life time if laid, sealed and finished by a true professional they do require maintenance. Stone floors should be vacuumed or swept then mopped just like any other floor. A gentle detergent should be used to clean your floor. Never use any acidic product, including vinegar and never use an abrasive product on your stone. Stone floors require a different type of cleaning and maintenance than a ceramic tiled floor.

Over time and lots of foot traffic, spills, splashes and accidents the finish will dull and the sealer deteriorate. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals. Most professionals offer a variety of maintenance services such as cleaning, stripping, sealing, polishing, honing, re-grouting, restoration of chips, grinding, resurfacing and anti-slip treatments.

When a new stone floor is laid it is sealed and a finish is applied. It is recommended that this is re-done on average of every 3-5 years but this of course will depend on the condition of your floor. In some cases the floor may not be chipped or stained but may have just dulled over time. You will be amazed at the result of a professional clean. The beauty of your stone floor will once again be evident and your visitors may well think you have a brand new floor. Look after your stone floors and you will have them forever.

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