Styling Your Home For Sale

Styling Your Home For Sale
Who doesn’t want top dollar for the sale of their home. These days styling or staging of homes for sale is a big business and a growing trend reaping greater results for Vendors. There are a number of shows on TV about make overs and styling homes for sale that show remarkable improvements. For a reasonable outlay using a stylist, your sale price could be significantly more than original expectations.

Real Estate agents understand the target market for your home and area and will more often than not recommend styling. Usually agents have stylists they can recommend, though it is probably better to source you own for both cost and style reasons, we having listings for fantastic home staging and property stylists all over Australia on Homeimprovement2day, take a look at their lisings to see just what can be acheived. It’s also good idea to go to Open for Inspections and particularly where the home for sale is of similar size, age and suburb to yours in order to get a better understanding of the local market and the possibilities for your home. 

Let’s face it, our home is our castle and it is hard to imagine people not liking our style, our furniture and our treasured pieces that have been handed down through the family for generations. But everyone has different tastes and a contemporary look with casual elegance is on trend right now. That’s where the stylist will advise you on what to remove and what to keep in the home in preparation for sale. Obviously the first thing to do is declutter. You don’t have to dump, sell or give away your furniture or nick nacks, they can be put into storage for your next home. Prospective buyers don’t need to see your family photos, trophies and keepsakes. These things can be a distraction to a buyer as they want to be able to imagine themselves creating their own life in the home as the next owners. Your home should be presented as a clean, neat, fresh, light and airy space.

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Professional Home stylists have a broad range of services and should be able to accommodate your budget. Depending on the work needed, they can organize everything from storage, painters, repairs and gardeners to get the job done both inside and out. They will have all sorts of advice on things that need to be done that you may never have realised. For example if you have pets living with you, you may not realise that however clean you think you and your pet are they do leave odours and create allergies as do cigarettes if you have smokers in the house. These smells you may not notice but others will and they need to be eliminated.

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You may just need a small makeover and a fresh look with new soft furnishings or you may need a whole lot more than that but don’t want to buy new furniture, rugs and window coverings. Some Home Stylists have their own pieces they can bring in or they will hire the necessary pieces on your behalf. You will be amazed at the transformation a Stylist’s makeover can do and how quickly they can get the job done. New bed linen, new towels, cushions, throws, lamps, scented candles and perhaps a good clean up outside and some new outdoor furniture can make a world of difference. A word of advice – don’t over style. Don’t set your dining table with your finest bone china and silver candelabra, the prospective buyers are looking for a new home, not coming for dinner.

Home styling for sale is definitely worth the investment. Remember that saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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Use the Homeimprovement2day directory to find property stylist and other home improvement specialists near you. 

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