6 interior decorating tricks to transform your house into a home

6 interior decorating tricks to transform your house into a home
Small details and personal touches really make the difference between a house and a home.

With a little bit of imagination, creativity and clever use of key items, you can really make your mark on your living space, making it feel more homely.

After consulting with a team of interior stylists, we’ve put together six tips that are essential for giving your space some personal style. You're about to learn how rugs, photographs, sentimental items and more can transform your living space!


Rugs are an excellent way of adding a focal point to any space and also defining different areas within a room. They can also add a well needed pop of colour or pattern and give the space an additional texture or layer. When considering rugs, let the size and shape of the room dictate the size and shape of the rug. You will also need to take into consideration the colours or textures that are already present in the space.

Personal photographs

Nothing gives a space a personal touch more than photographs. Surrounding yourself with your memories, photos of loved ones or anything else that is close to your heart is a sure fire way of making the space feel unique and distinctly you. Make a statement of your memories with a framed photograph wall and experiment with different ways of displaying photographs such as underneath a glass coffee table or with larger printed canvas pieces.

Sentimental items

Similar to photographs, incorporating sentimental items into your living space is another great way of personalising a room. Small trinkets, souvenirs and other items can remind you of important parts of your life whilst making a space look aesthetically pleasing.

Indoor plants & flowers

Adding greenery gives your interior an organic feel and can bring a space to life. Flowers can be used to add a pop of colour whilst filling a room with a beautiful scent. There is a huge variety of plants and flowers to choose from so opt for something that works within your space. Cacti and succulents require little to no maintenance and are a good option for rooms with less natural light. Herbs are an excellent choice for kitchens as they add interest and are also a very practical addition.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as throws or cushions are a simple yet effective way of updating any space to give it a more homely feel. Not only can soft furnishings be easily changed throughout the different seasons but they can also dictate the overall look of a space when used correctly. Since soft furnishings are often less expensive than larger items such as furniture, it gives you the freedom to experiment more with trend driven patterns, colours or textures.

Candles, diffusers or incense

Candles, diffusers or incense are all excellent options when trying to transform a living space. Candles bring so many beneficial aspects to a room, they can give ambience through soft lighting, have decorative qualities and can also provide a wonderful scent. What's more is they are a really cost effective item and can be purchased on even the smallest budget. Scent can really impact a person's mood and there is always a scent to suit every individual, so shop around and find the perfect candle or diffuser that helps to set the mood you're going for. 

When styling your room, it’s important to remember to have fun and experiment with ways of adding your unique personal taste into your interior. All of the tips listed above are not permanent changes and so can be easily adjusted if you find they don't work for you or your living space.

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