Electrical technology for the bedroom

Electrical technology for the bedroom
Bedrooms are often described as the ‘me zone’. It’s a personal space where you sleep, study, or just retreat for some quiet time. Modern electrical technology helps to make this special room more liveable and functional without adding to your power bills or cluttering up limited space.

So, what’s out there that might interest you?

- Let’s start with safety. (We always start with safety!) Flush mounted smoke alarms are highly effective and unobtrusive, and being wired into the mains, they offer year-round protection whether you’re sleeping or listening to loud music.

- LED Down Lights are all about ambience and energy saving.  LED lights give even lighting across the room which helps when working hard at your study desk, and can be used with dimmers for mood and ambiance.

- Smart Home Systems – Many of the electrical manufacturers also offer integrated smart home controller systems.  Stylish and unobtrusive, these control panels allow you to use a range of household items such as lighting, fans, curtains, and air conditioning etc, and all from the one panel.

- Ceiling Fans are ideal for helping ventilation and maintaining a comfortable temperature for sleeping.  They also provide a great adjunct to air conditioning on those days that don’t quite need extra cooling or heating.

- Indoor Motion Sensors.  Now this is handy!  These products are very convenient and ideal for walk in robes.  They can be connected to the room lights ensuring the lights go out when you leave the room.

- Bluetooth Connected Sound Speakers and multi-room audio systems allow you to pump music into any room you happen to be using.  They are low cost and stylish.

- USB Wall Chargers with shelves allow you to charge phones and tablets whilst keeping them out of the way.  No more cords across the floor!

…and the list goes on!


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