Setting up a home theatre

Setting up a home theatre
If you love escaping into another world watching movies and television, a home theatre can provide an immersive experience like no other.

A regular television in a lounge room often lacks great sound quality. The smaller screen and the room itself also contribute to poor picture quality and sub-par acoustics.

Movie producers and directors put lots of thought into how the production will look and sound, and a quality theatre set up will do their vision justice. A company specialising in sound and vision can help you design the space, then buy, install, and program your equipment to achieve the best outcome for your house and your budget.

What you will need

To create a great cinema experience in your home, you will need to consider whether you want a projector or a television, what kind of speakers you need, and decide on equipment like blu-ray players and set top boxes. Further considerations include lighting, room acoustics, sound proofing, and seating.

The screen

A projector is the best way to get a huge picture for a great price. Modern projectors screen in high definition and also in 3D! A screen over two metres wide gives the feeling of being in a real cinema. If you prefer to watch television shows on your tv, and save the cinema experience for watching films, consider installing a LCD, LED, or plasma HDTV, with the option to pull the projector screen down in front when it is needed.

The speakers

When it comes to deciding on speakers and installing them in the most appropriate and effective way, you will definitely want professional help. There are a plethora of brands and varieties available, and a qualified professional will know exactly how to make the most of your space. If you want to use the room for listening to music this is an especially important consideration. Soundproofing and room acoustics are also important aspects to consider, which a home theatre company can help you plan and execute.

What else?

Creating the full cinema experience is well worth the effort, and it can be the smaller touches which really complete the room. A touch screen remote control is a modern and sleek way to control all of your electronics- say goodbye to a table full of bulky remotes! You can even control many devices from your smart phone, eliminating the need to keep any remotes on display at all. Automated blinds are a convenient and impressive feature to add to your room. You can control these by remote, and even program them to automatically lower as your movie begins, and rise again when it finishes. Last of all, don’t forget the reclining chairs!

Contact an home theatre specialist to get started on designing and implementing your very own home theatre and rest assured that everything is installed correctly, with no unsightly cables! A professional can calibrate and optimise your equipment for the best results, and their work is often covered by a complete warranty.

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