Fencing to reduce traffic noise

Fencing to reduce traffic noise
If your home or business is located on or near a busy road, noise can be a real problem.

There are ways noise can be reduced inside your home, from using glazing on the windows and insulation in the walls.

There are also certain types of walls and fences that can be built around your property that can help significantly reduce the sound of passing traffic.

Noise walls diffuse, absorb and reduce the sound from traffic. Noise from heavy trucks can be around 85db and the denser the wall, the more noise that is blocked.

Gabion walls and fences are ideal as it is difficult for sound to pass under or through the thickness of the Gabion wall.

Traditional wire Gabions can block around 60db of noise compared to only 25db from a wooden fence or 40db from a brick wall. Ideally the wall or fence needs to be high and wide enough to create a large enough 'acoustic shadow'. This 'shadow' is the area created from the noise barrier, which blocks the flow of sound waves to the home. To be even more effective, fences or walls also need to extend down side boundaries and have solid gates.

Sandbags can also be incorporated into the traditional wire Gabions, which helps absorb sound even more.

Slimline Rockweld fencing is becoming a fashionable alternative to other traditional types of fencing, increasing value and street appeal.

This type of fencing has the added benefit of being fire proof (unlike brush fencing) and also has an undesirable surface for tagging. Rockweld Gabion fencing is very strong and durable. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle crashing into the fence, the fence will stay intact and standing!

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