How to source furniture for your home

How to source furniture for your home
Often when people think about sourcing furniture, they imagine going to a shop and picking some out. It’s a convenient way to buy, and even easier if you take advantage of online retailers.

However, if you don’t have an eye for interior design, it can be hard to tell what sort of furniture would suit your space. Or maybe you have a vision which requires furniture which you can’t find in mainstream stores.

In any case, there are other avenues through which to purchase furniture which is unique, stylish, and suited perfectly to your space.

Interior designer

A good interior designer has a great eye for style, and can quickly discern what pieces will work well in a room. They notice opportunities you may not see, and can look at your space with fresh, unbiased eyes. Some people are put off by the fee of an interior designer, but the skill and expertise is well worth the price, and it can save you a world of time, effort, and confusion.

An interior designer can even accompany you shopping to help you pick pieces which will bring the room together. Their experience and knowledge will allow them to determine if something will work in your space or not, eliminating the need for guesswork and returning unwanted pieces. If you have an idea of what you like, but require some help in realising that vision, an interior designer could be exactly what you need.

Custom manufacturer or upholsterer

If store-bought furniture just won’t cut it for your unique space, or you crave the matchless look and feel of bespoke furniture, having it custom made is for you. Many businesses offer furniture building, restoration, and design. These include dedicated furniture makers, as well as upholsterers, welding and custom fabrication businesses, and timber specialists. Custom made furniture is built to last, and proves itself a worthy investment by showcasing your personal style for generations.

Custom designed furniture is particularly useful in homes with differently shaped rooms, which make it hard to fit in a standard entertainment unit, sofa, or storage areas. A furniture maker will sit down with you and draw a clear plan of what you want your piece to look like, the material it will be made from, the size, and the cost of the finished piece. Many professionals can match the material with your current furniture, by using the same type of wood, or the same fabric.

Complete furniture packages

Buying a complete furniture package is a great idea if you have an empty room to work with, as it can often save you money. It ensures that all of the main pieces in your room will complement one another, and only leaves you to add your own personal finishing touches.

Furniture packages are even available online, making purchasing all of your furniture a convenient and enjoyable experience. Choose from styles such as bohemian, beach chic, modern, Scandinavian, or Hamptons. Australian furniture retailers also stock pieces by European designers, from countries like Denmark and France, and vintage furniture which has already been restored and is ready to be loved again.

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