5 tips for choosing a good home air conditioning unit

5 tips for choosing a good home air conditioning unit
Your home might not feel like a rain forest, but from a marketing perspective a big-name brand helps to secure sales as people prefer well known and respected brands with reputations for delivering good product.

While brand is also an important consideration when purchasing air conditioning, there are several other more important things to consider before committing to a purchase.

Here are some tips from an electrician to help make the decision a bit easier:

1. Before contacting for a competitive air conditioning quote, make a note of the following:

a. Size (dimensions) of the room to be cooled?

b. Does it have a western facing wall and/or windows?

c. Is the house insulated?

d. Is the room open plan or can it be shut off from the remainder of the home?

All of the above information helps our team to recommend the right powered unit to comfortably cool the room.  It can be a costly mistake to purchase an underpowered unit just to save a few dollars.  

2. What are the energy efficiency ratings for the product being considered?  Energy efficiency equates to power consumption and a more efficient system will save you money in power bills.  

3. Will the existing wiring in the home cope with the additional load from the new air conditioner?  This applies to older home with original wiring in place.  As part of the quoting process some electricians are happy to inspect your current wiring to determine its suitability for air conditioning.  

4. Are the maintenance features on the unit simple and easy to use?  Proper maintenance ensures your unit works efficiently and economically as well as delivering clean and fresh air.  It prolongs the life of the unit and reduces power usage to save you money!   

5. Only buy inverter air conditioning systems.  Inverter technology is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so the unit continuously regulates the temperature, be it hot or cool.  Inverter technology eliminates big temperature fluctuations, and keeps the room or house more comfortable.  The flow on from that can be significant power savings.  

For more information about air conditioning unit supply and installation, please contact the expert contributor.

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