Get your home winter-ready

Get your home winter-ready
Winter is just around the corner and while many areas of Australia have been enjoying a very mild Autumn it is easy to get caught out when the cold snap arrives.

So now is the time to prepare the house for those winter chills. Here are some tips to get you underway.

Here are some tips to get you underway:

- Check your window seals and install or replace seals where draughts can enter.
- Repair any broken glass to ensure you keep the weather out.
- Check your door seals and install or replace seals to keep draughts out.
- Purchase draught stoppers for the gaps under your doors.
- Order your fire wood today.
- Have your chimney swept.
- Have your heaters checked by a professional every two years.
- Install insulation or replace old existing insulation material.
- Have your ducted/reverse cycle air conditioning system serviced and filters cleaned.
- Wrap your external water pipes with insulation tape to stop the water freezing.

Once you have done your check list around the home and are well prepared for the cold months, there are other things you can do on a daily basis to ensure you keep your heating running efficiently while keeping the operating cost down.

Keep curtains, blinds and shutters closed at night. In the morning be sure to open them, particularly on the north and west facing windows that capture the most natural light and warmth. Pelmets and window boxes over your curtain rods can also help to keep the cold air between the window and curtains from escaping.

If you don’t have ducted air conditioning why not consider installing a reverse cycle split system air conditioner. While it won’t heat the whole house it’s a great way to heat one area such as your living room. Or a number of split systems for the areas that are most effected by not only the cold but the heat as well.

If you are building a new home you can install your heating from the get go with numerous options such as insulation, ducted air conditioning, under floor heating and hydronic heating. If you are investing in a new heater there are many choices in both electric and gas models. Be sure to get advice on the best heater for the room size and preferably one with a thermostat so you can program it to switch off when the room reaches the desired temperature. Always be aware of safety around heaters. Make sure small children and pets don’t get too close to the heater and never drape anything over it.

Regardless of the type of heating your home has, be sure to close internal doors to prevent the heat escaping. It is a waste of energy and money to heat areas not in use. Before you turn your heating on it would be wise to make sure your feet and body are warm. So put on your Tracky Dacks and Ugg boots and you might find you don’t even need the heating on. 

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