Getting kitchen cabinets right

Getting kitchen cabinets right

When building a new kitchen or changing your design, you have a great amount of freedom choosing new kitchen cabinets and where to place them. A cabinet maker can help you design and draw up a plan, and make the perfect cabinets to fit your kitchen like a glove, maximising space, efficiency, and style.

Types of materials

Choosing the right kitchen door is important to keep your kitchen in line with the style of the house. Country inspired homes look fantastic with wooden kitchen cabinets, while modern homes often boast smooth, shiny surfaces. Because of the large area your cabinets will occupy, their colour and style will set the tone for your whole kitchen.

The two main choices are real wood and plastic laminate, but doors can also be made of glass and other materials, or, if you are particularly organised, you can go without doors all together and show off your beautiful tableware!


Popular doors often consist of fibreboard with a plastic coating, making them resistant to spills, scratches, and other wear and tear. They are an affordable choice. A plastic laminate coating is waterproof and comes in a range of colours and styles. Choose from matte or shiny looks. For a greater expense, high pressure laminate doors are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and boast a glossy, modern appearance.

Vinyl and polyurethane

A vinyl coated door is a great option if you want a three dimensional design with the same easy cleaning and durability. These make a great provincial look. Finally, for an ultra-modern, handle-free cabinet, opt for polyurethane doors. These can be profiled or smooth, come in a variety of colours, and will suit any contemporary kitchen.


Choosing a real timber such as oak, or maple, gives an authentic and timeless look. Timber is costly, however, and must be taken care of as it can be damaged by moisture. Opting for a timber veneer instead allows for the same warmth and style as real timber, but with the benefit of being more durable and moisture-resistant. These veneers can work well in classic styles as well as contemporary.

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