Clever kitchen storage solutions

Clever kitchen storage solutions
Whether you love cooking, or just want a low-maintenance space, there’s nothing like having an organised and efficient kitchen.

Cabinet makers can create functional, easy to use storage solutions, and incorporate them seamlessly into your kitchen space.

An expert can show you how to make the most of your room and tailor-make perfectly fitting cabinetry.

Consult a cabinet maker about including these designs in your renovation:

Pull-out cabinets and pantry

Pull-out cabinets are a must for anyone who hates awkwardly bending down to rummage through deep cupboards. These clever creations provide a solution for corner cupboards in particular, where it is notoriously difficult to retrieve items. Choose from a carousel style pull-out shelf which swivels to allow access to the back, or a drawer which pulls straight out. Pull-out cabinets also work great in other small and awkward spots, like a narrow space beside a sink for cleaning items or a long, skinny spice rack. Instead of having a fake drawer under the sink, consider putting the door on hinges, and installing a small pocket to keep sponges and plugs.

A pull-out pantry is another popular idea which prevents items from getting lost up the back. It’s a great space-saving solution for smaller kitchens, and works great in the long awkward gap beside the fridge. Because you can see in from both sides, and all the way to the back, you will fit a surprising amount of groceries in a slim pantry, and never lose anything again! If you already have a regular pantry, consider having a cabinet maker install drawers or sliding shelves, so that each section can be pulled out independently of the others. If pull-out cabinets and pantries really aren’t your thing, try cupboards which open from both sides, to make seeing inside and retrieving items a breeze. This works great inside your kitchen island, where you can store large items like platters, and retrieve them from either side of the kitchen.

Use toe-kick space

Installing drawers in your toe-kick space creates extra storage for flat trays and small items. To make these extra discreet, use a handleless, push-to-open draw. Similarly, the space above your cabinets is often not utilised, but makes a great place to show off decorative items. Having open-faced cabinets up high will give your kitchen a feeling of spaciousness. Install a pop-up stool in your toe-kick space to make reaching the top shelf a quick click away.

Appliance garage

We love our toasters, blenders, and coffee makers, but we don’t love a cluttered bench, or the chore of taking them out of cupboards and putting them away. An appliance garage typically sits on the bench inside the cabinetry. You can choose from a range of doors to conceal your appliances, such as rolling or bi-fold. You can even put them on a pull-out platform so you can simply slide them away and close the door.

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