7 ways to make a small kitchen appear infinitely larger

7 ways to make a small kitchen appear infinitely larger
Every house has an area you have always thought could do with a little help or improvement and for many inner city dwellers that area is their kitchen. Space needs to be saved somewhere and often that means the kitchen ends up smaller than we would like. Here are our 7 tips to make a small kitchen appear infinitely larger!

Just start over If you really want a fresh start for your kitchen, the first and best option is just to gut it and start again! A full kitchen renovation will allow you to design the kitchen to best fit the space available. To best utilise the space you have, design storage around walls and above bench tops, make use of recessing and natural light. Also allow space for your larger appliances to be stowed so that there are as many clean lines as possible.

Colours and patterns

When choosing a colour scheme, try to stick to variations of one colour, for when you need to break up the colour, use white. Painting your cupboards the same colour as the walls is a neat little visual trick that will help the room appear larger. If you want to elongate the room or make the ceiling appear taller, using vertical lines up the wall or lines along the floor will have this effect. To make the room feel longer, just use horizontal lines on the wall instead.

Strategic mirrors

Having a mirror in the right space can double the appearance of any room, other reflective surfaces can have a similar effect. Lots of stainless steel or chrome can help brighten up a room and enhance the effect of natural light in a space. Natural light will always make a space feel bigger.

Open or glass shelving

If you have a well maintained home and have no problem keeping things neat and tidy, open shelving or cupboards that have glass doors make the space feel larger. Your storage areas will feel more airy and less bulky. You could even put mirrors in the back of the cupboards to double the effect!

Reduce clutter

If minimalists have one thing right, it is the lack of clutter! Keeping decorations to a minimum and storing clutter and tools away when not in use will help keep your lines clean and the space airy. Additionally try to stay away from bulky handles on cupboards and the effect will be enhanced.

Make clever furniture choices

The items you put in your kitchen should be in proportion to the amount of space that is available and should be as streamlined as possible. Islands that aren't solid, and backless stools instead of chairs allow your eyes to see beyond the furniture and will prevent the space from feeling closed off and claustrophobic. The right light fixtures can also make or break a space, they can also help you define borders in rooms. The lighting you choose should fully illuminate the whole room. Try to avoid casting shadows as these areas will be harder to properly clean and will make the room feel small and cave-like.

Merge your spaces

Our final tip is to be as open plan as possible in your space. Where possible, allow your kitchen to flow into and merge with the dining space or lounge room, this will help both spaces feel larger. It also makes it that much easier to get around your home, especially when you just need a snack!

Small kitchens are just a reality that many of us have to live with, but with good planning and some clever design tricks, you never have to feel like it is cramped or dingy. It’s still possible to have the light and airy kitchen you have always dreamed of!

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