Designing your dream kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen
If you like to cook, having your dream kitchen can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Keep the following tips in mind when designing kitchen you always dreamed of.

Set a budget
No kitchen is worth sending yourself broke, so before you start getting tempted by features that are out of your price range first establish a budget that you can afford. Take your time researching what each element of your plan will cost and get a few quotes before you decide on anything. Setting a budget can help you prioritise the qualities and features that are most important to you, which will be important if you can’t afford them all.

Get inspired
When it comes to planning your dream kitchen the sky is the limit; all you need is inspiration. A great way to get inspired is by looking at what others are doing with their kitchens and there is no shortage of fantastic ideas online as well as in design magazines. Even just taking a closer look at what your friends or family members have done can help spark a few ideas of your own.

Learn about materials
The materials that you use in your kitchen will make a significant difference, so spend some time learning about the pros and cons of each before you make any decisions. Apart from the difference in style and price, the other key variables to look for are how easy materials are to clean, their durability, as well as their environmental impact.

Let there be light
Any kitchen worth cooking in needs plenty of light, especially if you want to avoid accidental spills or injuries. While natural sunlight is always best, add as many extra lights as you need to, especially around areas where you will be using knives or other dangerous implements. Painting your kitchen a bright colour will also help to maximise visibility in there.

Convenient storage
You will need to have plenty of storage in your kitchen and there is a definite art to keeping items accessible yet out of the way. If your kitchen is challenged for space make the most of the vertical areas by using hooks, nets and baskets, and ensure that those items that you use most frequently will always be right there when you need them. For the sake of your back, keep your kitchen storage at waist height whenever possible to minimise the amount of bending, stretching and reaching required.

Even if you don’t cook very complicated meals it is important that your kitchen is designed with ventilation in mind. An exhaust fan above your stove top will make a big difference and having lots of windows that you can open up will definitely help. Proper ventilation will not only keep the temperatures down and prevent damage to your kitchen; it will also air it out so that you aren’t breathing in so much smoke. If your style of cooking involves a lot of deep frying you are going to need additional ventilation.

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