Professional painters - the pluses

Professional painters - the pluses
Building, renovating, updating, time for a change or selling are the more common reasons to paint your home.

Inside, outside, one room or many, it is important to get the colour and the finish just right and to achieve that it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional licensed painter.

We have all watched home renovation shows on TV that can make painting seem easier than it actually is. You may think that it is a DIY job you can tackle on the weekends. If it is a small painting job that is just one room you could tackle it successfully yourself. However there is a lot more to painting than a few tins of paint, a brush and a roller.

The first thing of course is to choose a colour or combination of colours. When it comes to your interiors for example, you may choose one colour for the walls and then pick out certain architectural features such as doors, window frames, skirtings, ceilings, ceiling roses or picture rails and have them painted in a different colour or shade to compliment the main colour.

It’s your home and you can paint your interiors any colour you like, however it’s advisable to consult an interior designer, colour consultant or painter to help you choose the right tones for the type of room and the mood you want to create, taking into account the size of the space and the amount of natural light there is. Dulux has an App that you can experiment with, and sample pots are always a good way to test and compare colours on your walls. The same colour can vary from wall to wall depending on the surface and light the room gets at different times of day. For the exteriors it is important your colour choice will result in an aesthetically pleasing palate that will suit the style of your home and its surrounds, creating that all important kerb appeal.

When you have a good idea of the colours you are going to use, get some quotes from professional licensed painters. Be sure it is a comprehensive quote and ask for an indication of a start date and how long the job should take so you can forward plan moving or removal of furniture, paintings, rugs, pets etc. They will have all the necessary equipment to complete the job and should be able to purchase the paint for you at trade price. A professional painter will be able to prepare the surfaces including scraping, sanding back and patching where necessary and hire scaffolding if need be. 

If you are selling your home you naturally want to receive the best possible price for it. A fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, is a guaranteed way to give your home a well maintained and cared for appearance, maximizing its appeal and its value. Remember to take into consideration that your personal colour choices may not be everyone else’s. Be wise with a neutral palate that creates a light, bright, spacious and welcoming feeling. 

A professional, licensed and insured painter is very experienced when it comes to using the right type of paint inside and out. He is also an expert on ladders, scaffolding and technique when it comes to intricate work. He will get the job done in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss and that means no mess for you or endless trips to the hardware or valuable family time lost.

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