Rendered feature walls pack a textured punch

Rendered feature walls pack a textured punch
Creating a successful interior design requires clever balance.

We consider colours, shapes, sizes, and light, but one element many people neglect is texture. Simply painting a feature wall in a different colour or applying wallpaper can leave us wanting more - and rendering is a way to achieve that.

A professional rendering company can help you achieve a range of different finishes, to make your feature wall something special. Rendering can range from rough to smooth, matte to glossy, and is available in various finishes and colours. It can be used to complement different interior design styles, such as industrial chic, Mediterranean, and modern.

Industrial chic

Industrial chic is a style inspired by factories and warehouses. It features worn, matte, and neutral coloured elements, with a sense of functionality. Reclaiming and redesigning loft or warehouse spaces has been hugely popular, and the original features of these buildings are honoured, rather than covered. Exposed bricks, pipes, beams, and concrete will help you nail the industrial chic style, so a cement rendered wall is the perfect edition. A natural looking concrete render can be achieved by a professional rendering company. Highlight your industrial feature wall with metal pendant lights and reclaimed timber furniture.


Anyone can call to mind a beautiful Tuscan villa with thick, rough rendering in terracotta tones. Depending on the type of materials used, rendering can create different textures and colours. In this style, one single surface often has natural variations in consistency and tone, creating a traditional and worn effect. This is achieved using professional techniques, trowels, and other equipment. Bringing this type of rendering to an interior design gives a feeling which paint or wallpaper can’t achieve. If you love the warmth of the sun, of company, entertaining, and the ambiance of togetherness, this tribute to Mediterranean culture could be the right edition to your home.


When we think of ultra-modern design, sleek and stylish are likely the first things which come to mind. But it also means luxurious and often expensive- surfaces throughout an ultra-modern home are lavish and nuanced; even neutral coloured walls are far from plain. Rendering is a fantastic tool to complement this style. Very smooth finishes can be achieved by a professional, and either a matte or glossy effect can add sophistication, depth, and interest to a design. Some materials mimic the appearance of stone like marble, but simple polished concrete is also striking and impressive. These hard, durable coatings give the appearance of a solid, well-constructed home. Enhance the ultra-modern appeal of your room by using minimalist and functional fixtures and furniture.

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