Pest Control is a must

Pest Control is a must
No one likes creepy crawling insects around the home. Mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, fleas and the silent assassins, termites, are all unwanted visitors to our homes. To ensure we keep these invaders at bay we need to keep regular checks of any areas around the home that may attract them.

Insects like water so anywhere there is stagnant water outside can be a breeding ground. Give your pet fresh water every day. Empty out any containers that may have filled during rain or when you water the garden. Check leaking pipes and taps both inside and out. Crawling insects also love paper and particularly cardboard. So be sure your old magazines, newspapers and cardboard boxes go out with the recycling. Cockroaches are big breeders. They can be very hard to get rid of, particularly German cockroaches. Be sure to sweep, vacuum & wash your floors regularly. Kitchen benches wiped down & food stored in air tight containers or covered in the fridge. Empty waste paper bins and the kitchen tidy bin regularly. Keep the area around your kitchen bin clean and cleared of scraps and spillages that may have missed the bin. Insects are also attracted to plants and trees so it is best not to have plants living right up against the exterior walls of the house. If you have timber stored for your winter fires keep it in an area away from the house.

All of these tips can help lower the risk of invasions but most importantly an annual inspection by a professional Licensed Pest Controller is a must to fully protect your home. A professional pest controller will conduct a full inspection of your home inside and out. A professional trained eye will locate insect nests and evidence of pests not only in the obvious areas of the home but also the roof space, under floor if possible, the garage and the garden. A regular termite inspection is also a must to prevent the serious damage these insects can cause when they get into wall cavities, timber frames and floors.

These days there is little preparation needed before the Pest Controller comes to do the job. Just be sure that the kitchen is tidy and all food is stored away. Also a general tidy of the floor areas so the pest controller can easily access the edges and skirting of each room. Treatments used are generally safe so you don’t need to vacate the home or remove your pets.

Remember if you are looking to buy a property it is wise to have a pest inspection carried out so you don’t inherit someone else’s problem, particularly termites. Just as important is to have annual checks by a professional Pest Controller on your existing property so that when it comes time for you to sell you don’t lose the sale because there are pest problems.

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