6 secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal

6 secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal
You know how our detective side surfaces every time we’re about to make a purchase? We get suspicious and try to analyse whatever we’re buying to ensure we’re not being cheated.

Whether you’re at a grocery store or shopping for clothes, we almost always conduct an inspection. Heck, even when we go to select a pet, we want to make sure we’ve got the best of the lot. Now that’s just us being human, normal and aware of the fact that things are never what they seem on the surface. The same goes for when you’re on the lookout to purchase an investment property. You’ll want to thoroughly examine every nook and corner.

This is where a building pest inspection report steps in. Even if you’ve set your heart on buying a particular house, it is advisable to employ the services of a reputed pest control service for a pest inspection report to let you know how good shape the building is in, for real.

You may dismiss this as an added expense and unnecessary. However, it is anything but. To start with, it an inspection report analyses the building structure right from its foundations. It also exposes previous pest infestation history for detrimental pests like termites and other insects.

If you’re in the process of hunting for a home, you’ll want one that is comfortable and pest-free to keep your mind at ease. Here are the secrets that only a pest control professional and building pest inspection report can reveal to you. And trust me, you’ll be glad to have this information on your side.

Structural problems with the building

A building pest inspection report involves a thorough analysis of the building and its skeleton. This is something that only trained pest control professionals know how to assess.  Movement of the footings within the house, an inadequate draining system or the use of weak construction can weaken the house and make it unsafe. The weight of the house may even cause cracks, which not only weakens it but also creates entry points for termites and other insects.

Drainage problems

Water is a necessity to have at home, but only when it’s coming out of the right outlets. If you have a drainage issue or plumbing problem that has become difficult to control a few days into shifting in, you won’t feel so grateful. What’s worse is that these problems could add to the moisture level which can bring on an insect or pest infestation. Suddenly there’s a whole lot more damage to deal with for their control and removal.

White ants (AKA termites)

Like most homes, your property is bound to include a significant number of wooden items which either hold emotional value or signify a financial investment. You obviously don’t want them damaged by termites. If the pest inspection report reveals that your property has a history of termite infestations, you’ll want to be sure the treatment was carried out thoroughly and successfully. If you don’t you could be setting yourself up for damage and loss.

Roof troubles

Your roof offers shelter, so you’ll want to ensure it’s capable of protecting you and your loved ones. An inspection report will examine your roof’s structure, along with any faults in the dimensions, weight, etc. This is especially vital information to prevent weather elements from tarnishing the inside of the house.

The menace of mould and rotting timbers

Mould can be a big problem at home. More often than not, it’s an indicator of a graver problem. Sometimes poorly ventilated parts of the house can bring about a patch of mould. However, if you see fungal decay in the timber or black mould in and around your house, this won’t leave you at ease. It’s important to look out for these in the nooks and crannies because it usually means there is water or moisture within the structure.

Safety and compliance

Although this is the last thing you look to find in your pest inspection report, let’s just say it’s a bonus thrown in. If you’ve forgotten this information prior to purchase, an inspection report will make up for it. In case there are any safety problems highlighted, you can bring in an engineer to look into it. As for compliance issues, it is necessary to find out whether the construction is in accordance with compliance.


Now you think of it, there are so many matters a pest inspection report can tend to. An inspection report could save you from making a wrong purchase, give you some room to negotiate a price with the buyer and also save you from an insect inspection in the future.

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