Updating your existing pool

Updating your existing pool
It’s time to bring your existing pool into the 21st Century. Just as we renovate, redecorate, paint or update our homes we should do so for the swimming pool. Just as a bathroom or kitchen needs remodeling so does a pool. No pool will last a life time without modifications, so if your pool is looking tired and dated now is the time to act.

Over the many years of your pools’ existence, trends, safety regulations and efficiency ratings have changed. The backyard swimming pool was traditionally rectangular in shape but as far back as the late 1940’s less conventional shapes began to emerge such as the Kidney shape, along with the trend of adding a spa, lighting and heating. Safety regulations have changed and improved dramatically and all current standards should be adhered to.

The construction methods of pools have become more varied as have their fabric. Some of the most popular pool surfaces being painted render, pebblecrete, fiberglass, tiles, marblesheen and vinyl. A painted finish being the cheapest option initially, but even if PH levels are strictly maintained the paint will only last 5-8 years.

A fully tiled pool will no doubt have wow factor and will last 20-30 years but of course will be considerably more expensive initially. Marblesheen was a popular choice years back, however any marblesheen pool predating the 1980’s is sure to have asbestos in it and of course its removal needs to be handle with utmost care. The pebblecrete of today is a more superior product to the pebblecrete of the 70’s but can attract black algae, which can be extremely hard to eradicate. There are other contenders to consider such as Gemtex and Quartzon.

Resurfacing your pool doesn’t mean you have to replace the existing surface with the same product. For example a painted surface or old pebblecrete can be replaced with a fully tiled surface. The removal of the old surface will of course be factored into the cost of the renovation. You can add or update the lighting and heating of the pool. You can improve the access to the pool, change the depth and the filtration system from say chlorine to salt or mineral. Any structural repairs can be carried out before resurfacing and the surrounds, fencing and landscaping can be remodeling to compliment the new surface of the pool. The choice of colours available will vary depending on the product you choose to surface your pool. There are many hues of blue and green that will help transform your pool and surrounds into a tropical oasis, your own resort, Balinese tranquility or the clean lines of a simple contemporary open space.

The esthetics of your pool have probably changed considerably over time. By renovating and updating it you will not only be enhancing your leisure and entertaining lifestyle, but adding much value to your property. As always do your research and get a few quotes from professional pool installers to ensure you have the right company and product for your job.

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