Roofing: concrete tiles or Colorbond steel?

Roofing: concrete tiles or Colorbond steel?
Whether you’re building, renovating, or doing repairs, it’s worth reconsidering your roof.

The best fit for your home and lifestyle isn’t always immediately apparent, and there are plenty of factors to consider.

The most popular roofing materials in Australia are concrete tiles and Colorbond steel.

Concrete roof tiles

Concrete tiles mimic the appearance of more expensive types of tiles, and as such have a traditional look. They come in a range of colours and shapes, depending on which particular tile you want to imitate. Many older homes just look ‘right’ with tiles on the roof. It’s not a roofing choice which will offend anyone, and you will probably fit right in with your neighbours, which in itself can add to the value and appeal of your property.

Concrete tiles are generally cheaper than Colorbond steel, which makes them an enduring choice. However, they do require some maintenance, which is best done by a professional roofing contractor due to their fragility. The colour of the tiles can be effected by oxidation and deterioration, meaning a faded roof will need to be refreshed periodically. Professional roof restoration companies specialise in conducting this maintenance for an affordable price.

For those who do not love the sound of rain, tiles are the obvious choice. Their insulating properties block out more noise than steel, which is helpful for people in loud neighbourhoods, under flight paths, or who just love peace and quiet. Concrete tiles are resistant to fire, but strong wind and hail could necessitate repairs. Make sure you have roof sarking installed under the tiles to as a backup to keep water out of your house. 

Colorbond steel roofing

Colorbond Steel is corrugated metal with a bonded paint finish. A far cry from the old tin roof, this product is sleek and modern, and available in a wide range of colours. It’s a flexible alternative to other materials, allowing architects to create visually interesting designs with ease. It’s the obvious choice for a veranda, and it is also incredibly lightweight, meaning the roof requires less rafters.

As the more expensive of the two, Colorbond steel makes up for its price in little to no maintenance costs. The steel is resistant to corrosion, chipping, peeling, and cracking, and is covered under warranty for up to 36 years. Rain is enough to wash the dust off, but if you do want to get up on the roof, there is no cause for concern over breaking any fragile tiles. As for the environment, Colorbond steel incorporates recycled materials, and is easily recycled again after use.

The Australian environment can be harsh, and even deadly. Colorbond steel is resistant to fire and wind, and although it may be dented by heavy hail, it will not crack. It will keep water out of your home, as well as pests! It’s also a great choice for those with rain water tanks, as it does not absorb water, and the water which makes it to the tank is fairly clean. It reflects heat from the sun, absorbing much less than tiles, which helps your house to cool down on a hot summer evening.

Whether you decide on a Colourbond or concrete tiled roof, or just need your roof repaired, gutters repaired  or a roof restoration you can find the right professional roofing contracter for the job in your local area using our home improvement directory.

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