Choosing exterior shutters for your home

Choosing exterior shutters for your home
Adding shutters to your home is a great way to increase value, security, privacy, and curb appeal.

They’re stylish and low maintenance, and there are plenty to choose from.

The two main types of exterior shutters are plantation shutters and roller shutters:

External Pantation Shutters

External plantation shutters are a permanent frame fixture with louvres. Although often placed over windows, they can also be used on balconies, verandas, and other open areas. They offer privacy, protection from the sun, and insulation. Depending on the material selected, plantation shutters can be an effective method of home security.

Traditionally made from wood, these shutters are now available in faux wood, PVC, and aluminium. Exterior aluminium shutters are a low maintenance way to give your home extra protection. Choose between fixed louvres or movable, with the option of including a range of locks. Shutters can be fixed in place or able to be moved, either by sliding or folding.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters feature interlocking aluminium slats, which seamlessly glide up and down to cover or expose a window. They retract into a compartment above the window to leave your view completely unobscured, but when they are down they provide full, secure coverage. Available in electric, including solar and battery powered, these shutters are a modern, stylish, and low maintenance way to secure your home.

Manual crank roller shutters have long been a popular window cover option due to their affordability. Having a manual crank installed gives you peace of mind that you will always be able to raise and lower the shutters regardless of power outages and flat batteries. In the event of a fire, roller shutters can protect your windows and interiors from damage. Some shutters can even be programmed to automatically close in the event of a storm, hail, or high winds.

Because a roller shutter does not have separate slats, it is easy to clean, and an effective insulator. This provides noise reduction and temperature control, as well as ultimate privacy. For those who don’t want to compromise their view, there are roller shutters which feature slats- a great choice for balconies, verandas, and other outdoor areas. Many companies allow the customer to create custom colours, so your rust free, powder coated shutters can match your Colorbond roof and gutters, or complement the colour of your home.

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