Tiling - should you DIY or use a professional?

Tiling - should you DIY or use a professional?
Are you considering tackling a tiling project at your place, it's a lot more complicated than it looks, here's some points to consider before deciding whether to DIY or call in an experienced Tiler.

It has to be perfect

At first glance tiling can appear to be a simple task. It’s important to remember however, that professional wall and floor tilers have years of experience and expertise - they make a challenging job look easy. Only a perfectly laid tile floor will look like professional work, and it’s not hard to spot the difference.

Small errors and mistakes stick out like a sore thumb and crooked tiles are instantly recognisable among a sea of straight lines. Aside from eyesores, a poor tiling job can yield trip hazards and even potential damage to your home when moisture penetrates unsealed work. A lot of planning and skill goes in to professionally laying tiles, and it pays off.

Labour, hours and expenses

If you are renovating, or just changing an old floor, you have to think about demolition first. Pulling up old tiles is hard work requiring professional tools. Consider potential health risks associated with back strain and dust inhalation, as well as the costs and labour involved in removing debris.

Following this, you must prepare the surface by cleaning thoroughly and priming with professional products. Primer and adhesive can be purchased at a range of prices, and vary considerably in quality. A professional tiler will use products which stand the test of time, in order to deliver on their work guarantee.

DIY savings are minimal

Tiling contractors have access to much better prices on tiles than you will pay at a store. For this reason, you don’t stand to make a great deal of savings by completing your own tiling. Furthermore, a Tiling professional already has access to a range of expensive and advanced equipment, rather than having to buy all the tools for just one job.

Possessing professional equipment and the expertise to use it means that a tiling contractor can plan accurately and minimise wastage. Precise predictions save you money when purchasing products! Planning also goes a long way when it comes to cutting tiles to size and reducing the amount of waste. A professional can minimise the amount of cutting necessary, which reduces waste and looks better.

Professional work is guaranteed

Before hiring a professional tiler, you can ascertain the quality of their work by asking for references and evidence of previous jobs. Ensure that they provide you with a written guarantee on their work. This protects you against serious damage like leaking, but also against smaller problems like cracked grout. A good tiler will repair any problems in a timely manner at no charge. It’s also imperative to check that your Tiling contractor is fully licensed and insured.

A professional will give you an estimate on the duration of the job, and complete it much faster than an unskilled worker. Their organisation and foresight means they won’t make mistakes like cutting tiles inside, where the wet saw can wet surroundings, or accidentally splashing grouting on tiles and other surfaces. Tiles will be cut cleanly and neatly, which is especially evident around spots like doors and tricky angles. Finally, a professional will protect your property with plastic sheets, and ensure no mess is left.

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Image source: Stunning bathroom featureing tiling by D&N Tiling Perth WA

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