Biggest tile trends of 2016

Biggest tile trends of 2016
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Tile trends this year have been heavily influenced by increased capabilities in manufacturing and technology, creating new types of tiles with amazing potential. Designers are being inspired to use tiles in new places, such as bedrooms and feature walls. The same material on both floors and walls is a huge trend which enlarges the look of rooms and creates a modern, streamline appearance.

Below you’ll find a rundown on the most popular trends in tiles this year.

Look-alike tiles

Tiles which mimic the appearance of other materials are a huge tile trend for 2016. Thanks to advancements in ink-jet printing and digital imaging they are available in increasingly realistic prints. Not only are they cheaper than their authentic counterparts, they are easier to clean and often more durable as well. Brick, wood, and stone look tiles are all popular choices this year, and they are being used in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades.

Brick look tiles

Old brick walls are appearing everywhere right now, only it’s almost impossible to tell whether they are real bricks, or brick-look tiles. Renovators and builders alike are choosing aged brick-look tiles to recreate the atmosphere of a loft. They are featured around fireplaces, as feature walls, and increasingly used as floor tiles in kitchens.

Wood look tiles

Timber floors are beautiful, warm, and always on trend, but notoriously hard to maintain. Wood-look tiles are a dream come true for homeowners and renovators who want the look without the price tag and the hard work. These tiles are carefully patterned to create a realistic appearance, and with the rise in popularity of reclaimed wood flooring they are a very competitive alternative to the real thing. Try them as a bathroom tile for a spa-like feel, without the risk of moisture damage.

Stone tiles

Natural stone is a timeless material which is out of reach for many due to budget constraints. Now stone-look tiles are changing everything. Technology has developed to such an extent as to be able to replicate the intricate appearance of marble, making this look accessible to many more homes than before. This sudden availability of a classic, high-end look is seeing stone-look tiles soar in popularity, with no sign of slowing down.

Super-sized tiles

We have technology to thank again for new advancements in manufacturing allowing tiles to increase to unprecedented sizes, and the trend has wasted no time in taking off! A tell-tale sign of a contemporary design, these huge tiles go hand-in hand with the look-alike trend to create realistic floor board-looking planks, and large sheets of what appears to be natural stone. They’re great for creating a bold look and boast benefits like less grout care and increasing the feeling of space in a room.

3D tiles

Planting us far within the future is the three-dimensional tile. These are manufactured in a range of patterns and textures, and can add striking visual interest to a room. The trick is to stick to neutral colours, and let the texture do the talking. Geometric patterns are sure to stand out, and paired with the trending shades of grey, the shadows and impressions made by light on these tiles is anything but boring.

Metallic tiles

Some tiles create an unassuming and seamless backdrop for your other interior elements. Not these. Used wisely, metallic and glass tiles can be a dazzling focal point for a room, creating an elegant and stylish space. They are popular in the kitchen, where we love to see shining metallic surfaces. Brass and gold looking tiles are popular choices, but they come in a range of colours and mimic various types of metals. Combine with the right light fixtures to really make the tiles sparkle and shine.

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