What to look for when considering tiles and tilers

What to look for when considering tiles and tilers
When it comes to tiles we tend to think of the wet areas of the house - kitchen, bathroom and laundries.

But there are so many styles, shapes, sizes and materials of tiles available for many more uses than just our wet areas including floors and walls for living rooms, entry halls, fireplaces and stairs, not to mention outdoor areas such as verandahs, terraces, pathways, entertaining areas and pools.

There are tiles to suit any décor including period, rustic, industrial, country, vintage, contemporary, classic and retro. No matter what look you are trying to achieve you will find just the right tile for your home. And there is no one look that is on trend right now, there are many.

Natural stone is one of the most popular choices and will always give a timeless sophisticated look. Subway tiles are popular as are mosaics and Spanish and Moroccan patterned tiles. Feature tiles will always add a point of interest to a wall or splashback. There’s glass, slate, concrete, marble, ceramic, sandstone, tessellated and a vast array of colours and profiles available. Vitrified tiles are a very durable product and can have either a honed, textured, matt or polished finish, some of which may require sealing. Or you make like a new comer to the market which is a Spanish porcelain tile finished with a glass glaze which doesn’t require any sealing.

Timber floors have always been popular and suit many different styles of décor but we love the idea of a porcelain floor tile with the appearance of timber. When laid they look just like planks of timber and come in a number of “wood types” such as recycled, oak or hardwood. They are hardwearing and don’t require sealing. They look amazing and you would never know they aren’t natural timber.

When choosing your tiles visit a number of tile showrooms and speak to their experts. You will be able to receive great advice, suggestions and decorator ideas. The showrooms may be able to put you in touch with a tiler or you could source one yourself. We recommend you speak to your tiler first about the type of tile you are purchasing and what area of the house it is for. As a tiler has experience in laying many different types of tiles he should also be able to offer advice on your choice, whether it is suitable for the purpose and offer ideas on different ways to lay it. The tiler will also prepare and level the surface, apply waterproofing where necessary and advise on adhesives and grouting colours. You may decide to go with a tiler who specialises in a particular type of work. For example there are tilers who prefer to work on pools and outdoor areas, some specialise in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and some specialise in laying tessellated, Victorian or antique tiles, so shop around for your tiler as well as your tiles.

Your tile choices are endless and you will find you are only limited by your imagination. Whichever tiles you choose, it will be a sound investment and if laid correctly and maintained well, will last a long time.

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