Interior decorating tricks to put the spring back in your step

Interior decorating tricks to put the spring back in your step
The spring has finally arrived in Australia and homeowners are starting to emerge from the depths of winter with big plans for their interiors.

This is the perfect time of year for transitions and changes, so it is no surprise that so many people are investing in transformations. Over the last few years – and particularly since the economic recession – homeowners have been getting increasingly creative with design techniques and tricks.

They’re proving that decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive process. You can create beautiful, cohesive living spaces that feel every bit as good as they look. It also about making better use of resources. Instead of getting rid of tired furniture, it’s becoming cool to reinvigorate it. Upcycling, buying second hand furniture, and reupholstering is a very green way to decorate a home and it is cost effective as well.

This guide to interior decorating with a creative twist will help you inject some life and personality into your spring living spaces.

Shop for unique designer fabrics

It is easier than you might think to reupholster an old armchair, sofa, or dining room set. All you need is the right kind of fabric. There are lots of different choices available, in a huge variety of colours, patterns, and textures. In fact, one of the best ways to find high quality designer fabrics is to take a look at the companies who supply all of the biggest retailers in Australia.

Fall in love with DIY artworks

If you put a little creativity into your planning and look at things from new angles, you can end up finding some wonderfully clever design tricks. For example, graphic quilts (expansive quilts with big, bold designs) can be hung up on bare walls like giant pieces of art. These gorgeous, quirky features just need to be securely pinned in a bedroom or front room as a way to add colour and interest.

- Install a swinging wall lamp

For those that have a tendency to collect clutter on their bedside table, a wall mounted lamp is a good idea. That way, you get to conserve more space and keep reading your favourite novel before you go to bed. They’re also super stylish, as the wall mount is moveable and swings so that you can adjust its position.

- Opt for pops of bright colour

If you’re a little nervous about working with bright colours, you can start off cautiously by introducing splashes or pops of vibrant red, yellow, blue, or green. This might be in the form of scatter cushions, framed prints, a patterned bedsheet, or a vibrant lampshade. Just make sure that you even out the drama with some calmer and more relaxed designs.

- Rotate your curtains

You might want to think about investing in seasonal sets of curtains or drapes; a lighter one for the spring and summer and a heavier, lined set for the colder months. This not only allows you to rotate the designs and keep things fresh, it matches the style to the function. In winter, you want heavier fabrics because they conserve heat. On the other hand, in spring, it is wonderful to let the natural light stream in and illuminate interior spaces.

- Pick up an area rug

Area rugs make an exquisite addition to any home. They are especially useful for families with threadbare carpets but very small budgets. If you can’t afford to replace your current flooring, pick up a colourful area rug and use it to hide the worst of the damage. It’ll keep the room warm, provide a soft service for little ones, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

Why the little things can make a big impact

Ultimately, great interior design isn’t about who has the biggest budget. The movers and shakers in the industry made it to the top of their game by thinking outside the box and doing things in a new and exciting way. You are capable of this in your own home, because there are all kinds of resources and materials around to help you put your design dreams into action.

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