Transforming a child’s bedroom into a teenagers bedroom

Transforming a child’s bedroom into a teenagers bedroom
There comes a point in every kid’s life when they want to feel more grown up and they have outgrown their childhood bedroom. A teenager will spend a huge amount of time in their bedroom and will no longer want the toys and trappings of their childhood visible in their domains. A teenagers bedroom is their personal space to sleep, study, entertain their friends, chill out or get creative. It is one room in the house that certainly becomes multi- purpose, a bedroom, lounge room and more all rolled into one. Time for a makeover that doesn’t have to be expensive.

The first job is de-cluttering. Make sure they are involved in what stays and what goes and which special items they may want to keep but don’t want in their room that can be stored away for the future. After all it is their “stuff”.

Get your son or daughter involved in the transforming of the room by perhaps choosing a key piece of furniture, new bed linen or the colour theme and work from there. More than likely you will be repainting the room. This can be tricky when your child may want a whole room of deep purple, bright yellow, black or camouflage. A way to compromise is to suggest making a feature wall of their must have paint colour or wall paper and then toning down the remainder of the room with a more soothing colour by choosing small decorator items or soft furnishings to tie in with the feature wall.

If you need a new bigger bed but are tight on space you may like to consider a loft bed. There are lots of clever uses of space under an elevated bed. A budding musician could keep a drum kit under the elevated bed or with the addition of bean bags or a small sofa it could become a little sitting zone to hang out with friends. Teenagers love to have their friends sleep over and if there is only room for one bed, a trundle that slides away under the main bed is a great idea.

Besides the bed, a desk is the next most important piece of furniture for a teenager’s room. The desk should be simple and uncluttered with a couple of drawers or enough room on top for a few essentials including their computer. With the addition of a funky desk lamp it will become a comfortable working space. A desk with a return set into a corner can help save on space. Add a pin board or a magnetic white board for photos, mementos and reminders.

Shelving or cupboards built around the bed head so that the head of the bed is recessed into the storage area around it, is another space saving idea. Simple shelves positioned at differing heights on the walls give the effect of floating while looking very modern and minimalist. An ottoman or a bench at the foot of the bed that opens to store things in and doubles as a seat is handy. A floor rug is a cozy addition and can add a splash of colour to timber flooring or plain carpet.

Lighting is also important. By day the room should as be bright and airy as possible to decrease the need for lights and a heater or fan to be on, because as we know teenagers are notorious for leaving things switched on and wasting power. Remember it’s their domain so make sure your teenager has a relaxed and inviting space that they are happy with and hopefully it will inspire them to keep it tidy!

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