Beat the Melbourne climate install air conditioning

Beat the Melbourne climate install air conditioning
Australia is a country of climate extremes and while traditionally we embrace the summer months it can be exhausting and debilitating when the temperatures and the humidity rise.

Our houses heat up during the day making it very uncomfortable to sleep at night. It can be just as uncomfortable trying to stay warm during the chilly winter months and if you live in Melbourne you could well experience all four seasons in one day.

The perfect solution to this changing and sometimes unpredictable weather is air conditioning.

There are a number of options in air conditioning systems and the ideal one for your home will depend on a whether you are building a new home or retrofitting a unit to an existing home. Whether you want to air condition the whole home or just one room and whether it is a house, semi-detached, single story, multi-story or an apartment.

Spilt-system air conditioners

Used widely split system air conditioners are ideal to cool a specific area or room in your home. The system is split into two parts with the outdoor component being connected the wall mounted indoor unit.

Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are essentially the same as split system units, though the cassettes indoor component is installed in the ceiling. Cassette systems are visually less obtrusive than wall mounted units and are ideal in situations where aesthetics are an important design consideration.

Ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioning are designed to be able to cool an entire home, most often split into zones to enable you to cool individual areas of your home, but having the output to be able to cool the entire home when required. Ducted air conditioning is ideal choice on a new home where the house’s design can incorporate the large ducting. Whilst retrofitting to an existing home is certainly possible it can be difficult to install, especially placement of ducting can cause problems.

Window and wall mounted air conditioners

Still used commonly, particularly in older style apartment buildings where installing a split system is not possible. The biggest advantage window mounted air conditioners are relatively inexpensive to install and purchase, with noise and aesthetics being their greatest drawbacks.

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