The Modern Day Butler’s Pantry

The Modern Day Butler’s Pantry
The traditional Butler’s Pantry has evolved over many years from what were a series of rooms such as the scullery, pantry and larder where each stage of food preparation and clean up was conducted. These rooms were eventually condensed into one room being what we would now call a kitchen. However, in the late 1800’s as these work spaces were evolving the Butler’s Pantry became very popular in Upper class English and American homes.

It was space between the kitchen and formal dining room that usually consisted of a storage area for table linen, china & cutlery with a sink and servery area for food and drinks. It was the Butlers dedicated work space.

The popularity of the Butler’s pantry died down into the 20th Century only to re-emerge again and is very much on trend in kitchens right now. While the name hasn’t changed the purpose and use has. We don’t have to have a Butler to have a Butler’s Pantry. Here are some things to consider if you are planning a Butler’s Pantry for your new kitchen.

- Measure the space to determine if you have enough room to include a Butler’s Pantry

- What exactly do you want to house in your Butler’s Pantry?

- A sink for washing up - A work bench for preparing food

- A place to use your microwave and other small appliance such as sandwich press, coffee machine, toaster, kettle, mix master

- A small second fridge or a wine fridge

- Dry food storage

- Cooking books

- Light and ventilation

- A sliding door on the pantry is an ideal way to keep things looking tidy

If budget is an issue you could have open shelving and perhaps laminate bench tops that match closely to the bench tops in the main kitchen area The 21st Century Butler’s Pantry has become very popular mainly because we have embraced the open plan combined kitchen dining living space and now want to hide away the necessary equipment and accessories of a kitchen to give the room a less cluttered tidy look.

If you are entertaining and have a sink in the Butler’s Pantry you can stack the dirty dishes in there away from the guests and clean up after they have gone. That way you can enjoy their company and they won’t feel obligated to help clean up. So often cleaning up can send a party’s over signal and your guests think it is time to leave.

Your Architect, Interior Designer, Builder or Kitchen specialist can advise you on the best way to utilize your space to suit your needs and your budget.

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