Tips for creating the ideal nursery

Tips for creating the ideal nursery
If you have a baby on the way there is a lot that you need to do, with one of the most important things being to set up a decent nursery. You won’t have much time on your hands once your little one arrives, so the sooner you start the better.

Be practical
A great nursery needs to be highly functional and it will help to organise it into distinctive zones. Having separate zones for changing, sleeping, playing and sitting/nursing will save you a lot of time, make it easier to decide where to put things and prevent chaos from setting in.

Use eco-friendly paint
Whether you are painting furniture for the nursery or the room itself choose your paints carefully as you don’t want to use anything that could be harmful to your baby’s health. Some paint will slowly release a toxic gas for years after it has been applied which can do significant damage to the health of an adult let alone a newborn baby. To be as safe as possible, look for paints that are made with ZERO volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and regardless of the paint you use, invest in bite guards for any painted furniture that your baby might try and use as a teething toy.

Add soft surfaces
Your baby will spend a lot of time crawling as they explore their world which can be hard on growing knees, so give your little one some extra support with a nice soft rug. There are bound to be plenty of falls as they learn to walk and having a soft place to land helps. A fluffy rug will also provide a wonderful way for your little one to utilise their sense of touch, and machine washable rugs are best as you can count on accidents occurring. Attach padding to any hard edges throughout the room as well, as this can be the difference between a bump and a nasty injury.

Spark their interest
Every good nursery needs a few ways to catch your child’s attention and spark their imagination. A well-positioned mobile can make a big difference, as positioning it over their change table will help to distract them during changes, or hanging one over their crib will give them something to focus on as they fall asleep. Toys that are interesting to look at, listen to or touch are all marvellous ways to engage a growing mind.

Don’t forget your comfort
You are guaranteed to spend countless hours in your child’s nursery so you may as well be comfortable. Mum will need a supportive chair for nursing and if you have the space, adding a small couch or chaise will provide Mum or Dad with a place to sleep if ever necessary.

Pick a theme
Picking a theme for the nursery will give some direction to your design efforts and will also provide another opportunity to engage your little one’s brain. Regardless of whether you paint the nursery to look like a forest or to resemble the night sky, give your baby something interesting to look at.

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